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Do you think they will care that i have worn them for 3 days for an exchange? The tags are off but i still have them and i have the receipt.
I just bought a pair of the Slim raw japanese selvedge denim like 2 days ago. Though they fit great in the legs they have kind of stretched out in the waist by an inch or two. i bought 32x30, should i return them and get a 31x30? or will they ever shrink in the waist again when i eventually wash them?
I want to get a staple navy blazer, i currently own a Tommy Hilfiger trim fit basic model. I bought it when i was an intern and couldn't really afford anything for around $89 on sale. But now that i have a decent wardrobe/job i want to get a better staple blazer. I'm looking at the Washington model navy blazer, is this too trendy to be a staple? The only thing that turns me off about it are the peak lapels. But at this price point is there a better buy...
Its definitely C&J, i have the longwing blucher version of it.
Is it a lot better than the Allen Edmonds Conditioner Cleaner?
So i was going to drop of my Walnut Daltons to get some Vibram soles put on for inclement weather. I live in DC so i went to a place called "Best Foot Forward". It had received good enough reviews on yelp and on stylefourm. Upon inquiring whether they are going to undo the Goodyear welting to put the soles on or basically glued on like a Topy, the girl behind the counter goes this is not goodyear welted, companies just put this threading on the sole for "show". I calmly...
So i got a pair of Daltons in Walnut, just wondering what the butyl soles are about? Are they good for rainy weather?
Hi all, Im looking into buying these Loake 1880 Buckinghams from Pediwear. Does anyone know how these fit. I usually wear a 9.5 US in the Allen Edmond 5 Lasts (Strands, Mcallister). I've heard that Loake's are quite wide, so i was thinking of sizing down to a 8 instead of a 8.5 UK. Any thoughts?
Anyone know if these are C&J?§ioncolor=§ionsize= They are the Wingtip Blucher for $528.
yea that would be cool, except i already have the Walnut Strands
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