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Could you send me pictures of size 13? They're dead.
Quote: Originally Posted by phailing101 Allen Edmonds. Hit Ebay or the Buy/Sell forum on Style Forum. Thank you. I will check them out!
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 Don't feed the troll. Referring to me? Honestly sorry I posted that link, I just saw it and thought I'd give something in return for asking a simple question on shoe recommendations. Link & code removed can anyone give me an idea on some decent dress/casual shoes? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by kungapa gly You could a pair of used/2nds dark brown AEs for a similar price if you shop around a little. Sorry I'm new to this, AEs?
I'm needing a new pair of dress shoes to wear with khaki's / navy blazer. I nearly always wear brown topsiders.. Needing a change
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