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This also counts for seconds
Idea for tomorrow, casual work environment (will be overdressed tenfold), lunch with a lady friend, then two evening classes. Yes I need a walnut belt
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Which NF jacket - they make several ? Are you looking for a technical jacket or just something for day to day wear? Just day to day throw on. I have a polarfleece but am open to another option.
Jacket similar to a simple northface jacket? NF jackets always become very bad looking after a couple washes imo.
I'm 18 and don't have much money, but over the past few weeks I've changed my wardrobe quite a bit. Bought a pair of walnut AE Strands (along with shoe trees), Inexpensive Navy Blazer, Few shirts, Few chino's, And a decent watch. Is a grey SC next in my collection? I have a decent pair of black shoes as well to rotate with the AE's..
I thought of it this way, I could spend my $234 on a pair of strand seconds that have been proven to last decades. Or buy cheap ~$120 shoes and replace them in a year or two.. Good ol' Econ 150 says... if the expensive shoe fits, wear it!
Ordering mine from Wisconsin seconds, 234 to my door was the price. Not great, but in my right size and the man I spoke to said he had a few to choose from and would get me a good pair.
Recommend a tie clip? Never worn one, but silver seems popular and classy.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrGoodBytes 1k for a watch hardly qualifies as poor man. both are great choices at that level though. Agreed!
Thanks for the replies, I contacted AE in wisconson and a man named Adam helped me out in picking out a pair of seconds for a decent price. Quite excited to recieve them. I thank this forum for introducing me to so many new brands I was unaware of!
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