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Had to pick up a few more things today as the deals were still pretty compelling (although not black friday good). 3 Charvet Wool/Silk Ties from Saks ($25 each) 4 Breuer Ties - Neiman ($21 each) Canterelli Cashmere Sportcoat - Neiman ($144) 10 Talbott OTC Socks - Nordstroms Rack ($5.75 each) Still looking for that high-quality soft briefcase for around $300-$350. Just couldn't cough up $600 for that awesome Prada that's on B&S. Thinking of getting a Canali oil calf with...
everyone is in the Whnay thread.
I think I have both of those Battistonis. They are really nice conservative ties. Among my favorite makers next to Barba. $45 is a great price considering they are new - even on ebay that would be reasonable.
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo Shame, it looks great and if I had need for one, I'd have bought it ages ago (though I'm not too fond of the patch with the branding). It's functional - the patch opens to reveal a owner tag pocket.
I dropped it to $100 - less than 1/2 of what I paid for it. If anyone is looking for a great condition vintage case, this is it. I really like the leather and construction. It was an experiement to see if I'd like a hardcase. After trying it for a day I concluded I'd probably not use it. So If I can get it into someone's hands who will enjoy it, great. otherwise, I'll ebay it or leave it in my closet.
I don't know what the underlying leather is - but I believe saffiano refers to the imprint on the hide. The rough cross hatch on the leather makes it fairly resistant to scratches and keeps it looking new for a long time. No chance of developing a patina on it, but its great for contemporary pieces.
Quote: Originally Posted by sf_esq Mr. Moo, you are the man. That's what I'm saying. Exactly. My first plan was to ply SF_ESQ with booze from a local bar, in hopes of getting that price to a sub-Warren level. But I think he saw through that charade.
What is the lining? What kind of leather? I notice a grain, is it a cleanable style? I ask because some pebble grain items react badly to leather conditioners.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart RIP, she inspired legions of rockabilly girls to look like her this is my friend Bernie Dexter, who's a popular modern pinup model and you can see where she got her inspiration from. I dont think anyone else has done "Bettie" nearly as well...I'm sure she's quite heartbroken over this news Bernie, always paying homage to Bettie Coincidentally, just received an email announcement for a new...
Quote: Originally Posted by sf_esq I know you are! You guys are killing me. I've been hoping for that ever elusive price drop so much, that I've passed up all the Canali briefcases that have been popping up on ebay.
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