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With hotel occupancy rates down, I'm sure you can get an inexpensive room at a reasonable hotel (comfort inn or hilton). If you come mid-January you can make the SF meetup featuring LabelKing and Socal.
Quote: Originally Posted by TC (Houston) Wow, do you always launder your own dress shirts? yep. dry cleaners always break my buttons. Plus I kinda enjoy it, like polishing shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy If its worn beyond an hour inside an airconditioned environment, once. +1 I wash my shirts on delicate with cold/cold and iron them while they're damp.
Quote: Originally Posted by vitaminc fuck OLPC. donating to negroponte's ego should not be called charity. +1 Negroponte is a [...........................]* Deleted in case I end up working for a company related to him somehow.
Thanks for the bump Stevenvg! I'll take reasonable offers. I hate to think of leaving this in my closet to collect dust.
OMG those EG's are still there!? At $$375??? It looks like they were worn once! Any 10.5's out there who needed a pair of brown shoes should be snapping those up. The deals don't get better than that for EG's.
Dropped the price a bit. I'm willing to lose a few bucks on it since its not going to get much use.
wow nice suit.
Added Measurements and Photos.
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