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HF LTD is a lower grade of construction. Generally the fabric isn't as nice as the mainline. Its a perfectly fine suit, but will lack the feel and drape of the regular models. Paying $500 for a HF LTD on ebay should be a crime. For that much you should be able to find a NWT Madison or other mainline, from the last few seasons. Heck even Nordstroms Rack has NWT HF madisons for $550 retail.
The above loafers ended up being a little too loose in the heel and would slip off when walking. So Ron graciously allowed me to return them to him. I bought a pair of suede EG Parson's from Whnay that has the elastic gorge - so we'll see if that'll do. In the meantime, researching this I concluded that I should add a pair of Chelsea's to my modest collection, which will come after the cordovan balmoral boots Ron will have in soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I think it's a topic on it's own that black guys tend to compliment people more readily on their clothes in my experience. Brothers > bros This coincides with my experiences. I'll often reply in my whitest form: "Thank you Sir. May I say that you too are looking 'pimp'" That usually gets a good laugh.
BJJ as mentioned but I'd seek a gi-less school, or start with catch wrestling. the Gi and its associative techniques are fine, but if you're looking to do this without sight, body to body will be easier and faster to learn. Just watch out for the dreaded butt drag move... For striking, get private training. You'll be within a 18 - 24 inches of the trainer almost the entire time.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I have owned both companies products and am amazed at the quality of Brigg & Riley. Most of all they have a 100% no hasel guarantee against anything. My wife and I have returned our bags to the store for repair many times over sevral hundred thousand miles of rough air travel and the B&R people just keep repairing any and all damage done by the airlines. Get it, even if you have to pay full...
enviable and beautiful. Congrats!
AppleTv Sold. Thanks SF
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm how are you done for the winter when it's still only fall?! correction - I'm almost done for fall. The Winter list has yet to be written. Although I think I have only a few items on the list; Rider Cordovan Captoe Boots Light Grey or Blue Flannel chalk stripe suit Dark Purple with white pindots tie (eyeing Charles Alexanders 6 fold) Dark Red with white pindots tie
Quote: Originally Posted by RedScarf7 I'm curious how the Ipod Tv unit works. connects to your TV via component or HDMI cables, and your computer (mac or windows) via 802.11x. Anything on your iTunes or at is streamable to your TV/stereo equipment. Now you can stream HD content from The 40G drive lets you store whatever you want (movies, songs, pictures etc) locally to the device as well. I also have an xbox360...
Just received the Hickey Freeman "Vanguard" DB from the Presidential Collection. Reportedly, almost entirely made by hand (button holes suggest otherwise) with handwork clearly visible in the collar, shoulder and edge finishing. The silouette is nothing like the typical HF's. Slim (to the point of being a size smaller than tagged), more darting, shorter hem line and more structured shoulder. Its off to the tailor to finish the sleeves and hem the pants. Also getting...
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