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Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart RIP, she inspired legions of rockabilly girls to look like her this is my friend Bernie Dexter, who's a popular modern pinup model and you can see where she got her inspiration from. I dont think anyone else has done "Bettie" nearly as well...I'm sure she's quite heartbroken over this news Bernie, always paying homage to Bettie Coincidentally, just received an email announcement for a new...
Quote: Originally Posted by sf_esq I know you are! You guys are killing me. I've been hoping for that ever elusive price drop so much, that I've passed up all the Canali briefcases that have been popping up on ebay.
Dropped the price to $125 Shipped. Need to raise some $$ to try and buy that Caruso from Dr Ducky and the Prada Briefcase from SF_esq.
Quote: Originally Posted by sf_esq Reduced, yet again - $645, with shipping included. I'm still waiting for it to get to that magic price range
ShopTheFinest has a small inventory of Borrelli, Valentini and Incotex pants. Most around $130 or so.
I forget the name of the store- but is it the one that just does shirts. Kinda small store right off sutter and grant?
With hotel occupancy rates down, I'm sure you can get an inexpensive room at a reasonable hotel (comfort inn or hilton). If you come mid-January you can make the SF meetup featuring LabelKing and Socal.
Quote: Originally Posted by TC (Houston) Wow, do you always launder your own dress shirts? yep. dry cleaners always break my buttons. Plus I kinda enjoy it, like polishing shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy If its worn beyond an hour inside an airconditioned environment, once. +1 I wash my shirts on delicate with cold/cold and iron them while they're damp.
Quote: Originally Posted by vitaminc fuck OLPC. donating to negroponte's ego should not be called charity. +1 Negroponte is a [...........................]* Deleted in case I end up working for a company related to him somehow.
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