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Quote: Originally Posted by TC (Houston) Wow, do you always launder your own dress shirts? yep. dry cleaners always break my buttons. Plus I kinda enjoy it, like polishing shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy If its worn beyond an hour inside an airconditioned environment, once. +1 I wash my shirts on delicate with cold/cold and iron them while they're damp.
Quote: Originally Posted by vitaminc fuck OLPC. donating to negroponte's ego should not be called charity. +1 Negroponte is a [...........................]* Deleted in case I end up working for a company related to him somehow.
Thanks for the bump Stevenvg! I'll take reasonable offers. I hate to think of leaving this in my closet to collect dust.
OMG those EG's are still there!? At $$375??? It looks like they were worn once! Any 10.5's out there who needed a pair of brown shoes should be snapping those up. The deals don't get better than that for EG's.
Dropped the price a bit. I'm willing to lose a few bucks on it since its not going to get much use.
wow nice suit.
Added Measurements and Photos.
Whenever I've run "Voice of the customer" surveys, I've found a few things tend to surface; 1) The only questions that really matter (predictively speaking) are - "Would you buy again?", or more importantly, "Would you recommend XYZ?" 2) There are aspects or factors to a product that don't improve satisfaction, but wildly create dissatisfaction if they're missing. E.g., Security, having it is expected. If you don't have it, your customer satisfaction drops...
New Posts  All Forums: