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Thanks for the bump Stevenvg! I'll take reasonable offers. I hate to think of leaving this in my closet to collect dust.
OMG those EG's are still there!? At $$375??? It looks like they were worn once! Any 10.5's out there who needed a pair of brown shoes should be snapping those up. The deals don't get better than that for EG's.
Dropped the price a bit. I'm willing to lose a few bucks on it since its not going to get much use.
wow nice suit.
Added Measurements and Photos.
Whenever I've run "Voice of the customer" surveys, I've found a few things tend to surface; 1) The only questions that really matter (predictively speaking) are - "Would you buy again?", or more importantly, "Would you recommend XYZ?" 2) There are aspects or factors to a product that don't improve satisfaction, but wildly create dissatisfaction if they're missing. E.g., Security, having it is expected. If you don't have it, your customer satisfaction drops...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Report back on those...they all have back darts, correct? Barbas have been my favorite RTW shirt since I got a bunch in a trip to Venice many years ago. - B Alas, I only ordered ties. I've not tried any of their shirts but have thought about it. The ties however, are as nice as any I've seen or owned.
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl Just won these tonight on ebay... ok wtf is up with that avatar image?
I totally forgot about this thread - here's a few recent things: Picked up a few Hickey Freeman Ties a few nights ago at the HF store in SF. Binge invited me to attend a special shopper thing - basically an extra discounts hour. Sales have been Grim in San Francisco, even with everyone doing 60%-70% off. Sadly, anything really desirable isn't in the sale (e.g., EG shoes, Prada Briefcases, Berluti, etc). So the HF store invited their best customers to get a little...
New Posts  All Forums: