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alas. I'm terminally stuck in Los Angeles. Wish M a good trip!
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Impatient for Summer III Thursday: ... - B Fantastic Borrelli. Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Thursday. ... Great fit, and series! Quote: Originally Posted by Sebastian .... Nice suit! Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Joining the club! Hathaway (15 yrs old) I prefer Hathaway >= 18, but its all good. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Imperator Looking slick, as usual. The specs. are particularly nice. Quote: Originally Posted by Parker Nice as usual, B. I like the longer "LA rocker hair" :-) Those Sutor spec's are extra awesomez. Where did you find 'em? Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Very nice - particularly those specs Thanks. Got the Specs on ebay. Turns out the seller...
Few terrible iphone shots from the last few weeks. L to R 2xst, Capital E's - worn to Coachella Sartorio , Avon Celli, Barba RRL Selvedge, Borrelli, Borrelli Cucinelli, Altea, Borrelli, Borrelli, Sutor Cucinelli, Borrelli, Borrelli, Sutor L to R Sutor, Borrelli, Sutor
In case you haven't seen the email, Lance put a 25% off everything coupon up for Its good for everything in the store. This is kindof a big deal as the clearance sections are already deeply discounted. E.g., RLPL or borrelli jackets for $400-450, ties for $45 etc. So if you were holding out for something now might be the time. Coupon Code: movingsale
aside, STF doesn't offer any discounts to my knowledge. Ian prices everything at a third of retail and leaves it at that.
Maybe some folks don't know the deal with Repello Suede and Danite soles. It makes them somewhat waterproof - not soaked - but works great for light rain. The soles prevent slipping and will last longer than a twinkie stored in a zip lock bag. $200 for new !?!? great deal. I'd buy, but I have 2 pairs like these already.
In coastal areas the mornings will often be overcast and a little chilly. linen scarves pair well with a light cotton jacket before the sun breaks through in the afternoon.
I can't post that often but try to check out WAYWN every few days to see if any new trends are emerging. Found myself with a slight respite between projects. So a quick SF office shot. Jacket: Sartorio Kiton Cotton Shirt: Borrelli Linen Sweater: Avon Celli 150s Square: Borrelli Belt: Orciani Denim: Captial E Matchstick Socks: Paul Smith Shoes: Edward Green Watch: Omega Seamaster Briefcase: Prada Saffiano in Navy
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