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I'd say so, waist measures to 38.
Bought these for $165 online from APC. It was my first purchase of "real" raw denim and I didn't realize they were roomy. I ended up sizing down 2 to get the right fit. These were tried on once and I knew immediately they'd be too big. So folded they've sat for a few months before I've gotten around to putting them up for sale. Haven't seen them for less than $140 anywhere online, so $110 shipped is a fairly low asking price. Sold Pending Payment Brand: APC Selvedge...
Look at the inside seaming in the back of the waist. If there's extra fabric - you can let it out.
thanks Whusr... the pictures answered my question. With the grossigran stripe on th pants, it'll make it more challenging to have them taken in.
did a search on your old posts but couldn't find the pics. so another request for pics + measurements. Or do you know the model name?
Went this afternoon. Hipster ladies trying things on in the aisles. queens with 2 to 3 bottles of cologne on snapping their fingers saying 'ohno you di'n't' and 'girlfriend...' aside from the people watching there were a few interesting deals. Suits/jackets weren't really deals @ $1k-$1.5k. A few $850 battistoni's. There was one Isaia velvet jacket for $400, but I bought it for me. Denim was more interesting. Rogan, PDC, Nudie, APC, and RRL on sale - between...
Just bought this Prada Saffiano Navy case:
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesAlexander Nice! I'll see what Lance has. Did you bite on anything? Not this time. really haven't been able to wear suits often in LA. Everyone is SO informal that an odd jacket is considered dressing up. So i've used the opportunity to get more comfortable in tailored casual fits.
Quote: Originally Posted by blofeld the convention center space is nice - you can hit Japan Town for lunch and then do some shopping. I went down there for the summer sale, but the prices were a bit high. Lots and lots of great basics, but around $1000 for Isaia and Batti suits, $800 for SCs. Lots of nice Kiton 7-folds for around $100 though. Ian has better stuff + better prices I think. +1. Trying to setup a visit to Ian's new...
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlesAlexander Wish I in LA right now, I could use a couple of new suits. Anyone know when the warehouse sale is happening in NY? Virtual Clothes Horse just got in a bunch of Kiton suits.
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