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Quote: Originally Posted by DTO Either way, nice to firing guns at each other. Please don't get any splash back on other iGents
Haven't posted in a while - so threw together a few pics from the last month or two. I'm working with lots of media/industry folks so tailored casual is the new norm. Occassionally get to wear a proper suit and tie, but more often than not, its cotton trousers with an open collar. People still think I'm wearing a suit everyday First - a few shout outs: Mok: Nice Ich_dien: Steller shot Ndwg: Consistently Nice Baron: Love the casual fits The Regulars: Always...
$2k will only get you so far - so I'd suggest going for basics that may be reworn day to day. Work wear (aside for tailoring your current clothing) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 Fitted Trousers Light Wool, or Cotton (not chino's). Tan, Navy, Grey- Approx $350 2 Fitted Odd Jakcets - Light wool or wool/linen blend. Navy, Grey - Approx $800 5 Fitted Shirts - Cotton. 2x White, 2x Light Blue, 1 Stripe -...
Sold Pending Payment
Price drop - $105 shipped. There won't be many price drops on these. I'll just put them on ebay if this doesn't work for anyone.
Redlatern is correct - the length is about 36 inches. The rest of the comments are exactly right. So if you're a 38 inch waist these should be good for you.
I'd say so, waist measures to 38.
Bought these for $165 online from APC. It was my first purchase of "real" raw denim and I didn't realize they were roomy. I ended up sizing down 2 to get the right fit. These were tried on once and I knew immediately they'd be too big. So folded they've sat for a few months before I've gotten around to putting them up for sale. Haven't seen them for less than $140 anywhere online, so $110 shipped is a fairly low asking price. Sold Pending Payment Brand: APC Selvedge...
Look at the inside seaming in the back of the waist. If there's extra fabric - you can let it out.
thanks Whusr... the pictures answered my question. With the grossigran stripe on th pants, it'll make it more challenging to have them taken in.
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