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Quote: Originally Posted by Neofinitia Sunny Sunday Still So Summon the Linen Suit: quoted for excellence. looking good dood
I had an epic yoox fail. had an attolini jacket in the box for 4 months. Watching it go from $1400, to $1000, to $750 to $600 and didn't buy. kept waiting for the sub $500. Then on morning, they dropped the price to $230. By the time I got the email and logged in, it was gone. The bastard was selling it on ebay a month later for $800. I believe he got it too. I emailed him off ebay and whined about him stealing it from my yoox dream box. he had no remorse...
Saw the first meaningful glitch since the 1.09 fix. Team handle [FUQU] somehow made every game move at about 100x the speed. Literally you'd run and cover the space of the map in 1-2 seconds. If jumped on a slope you'd fly across the map as if you were on the moon. nobody could get many kills because it was so jarring you'd blow right past people. UAV was pointless so almost everybody was using a shotgun or knife to get kills. The best was from running backwards I...
A Valextra or Prada pressed calf (saffiano) travel briefcase sounds like the ticket. Lightwieght, top zipper, strap+handles, meant to carry folders/papers/electronics + shirt. elegant and durable. http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/store...13535cat214310
Quote: Originally Posted by DTO Either way, nice to firing guns at each other. Please don't get any splash back on other iGents
Haven't posted in a while - so threw together a few pics from the last month or two. I'm working with lots of media/industry folks so tailored casual is the new norm. Occassionally get to wear a proper suit and tie, but more often than not, its cotton trousers with an open collar. People still think I'm wearing a suit everyday First - a few shout outs: Mok: Nice Ich_dien: Steller shot Ndwg: Consistently Nice Baron: Love the casual fits The Regulars: Always...
$2k will only get you so far - so I'd suggest going for basics that may be reworn day to day. Work wear (aside for tailoring your current clothing) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3 Fitted Trousers Light Wool, or Cotton (not chino's). Tan, Navy, Grey- Approx $350 2 Fitted Odd Jakcets - Light wool or wool/linen blend. Navy, Grey - Approx $800 5 Fitted Shirts - Cotton. 2x White, 2x Light Blue, 1 Stripe -...
Sold Pending Payment
Price drop - $105 shipped. There won't be many price drops on these. I'll just put them on ebay if this doesn't work for anyone.
Redlatern is correct - the length is about 36 inches. The rest of the comments are exactly right. So if you're a 38 inch waist these should be good for you.
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