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SW&D challenge? Aight, I'll bite. Coat: Jean Paul Gautier (waxed cotton) Tee: Vince Belt: Varvatos Denim: Levi's Capital E Shoes: Black Sutor Boots
I've been thinking about getting one of these myself from $310
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Hans and Fritz would say, Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone . Speaking of which, I thought that you would enjoy this juxtaposition of something sartorial with the word, "tuck." This should be done on and in front of 's sofa, like the fold-out covers for the ingenue issues of Vanity Fair. BTW, you've been recently lacking in Grade B-Hollywood-movie-cougars-hitting-on-bmulford stories. You...
Perhaps an 'oldtimers' reunion is in order. Like the blues brothers putting the band back together for one gig. For one day only, in September, every poster mentioned above posts in WAYWN. We bask in the resplendence of our glory days. normally, I'd elect Binge to coordinate something of this magnitude, but seeing as he's on the list, I suspect my carefully considered plan is in all probability, doomed.
AE lamberts in Chili Sold. Drop on the Marteganis
Manhattans Sold - Thanks! Price drop on the suede Martegani's! Anyhow who lives in a wet climate should consider these. I bought them when I was living in San Francisco but moved to LA before I could use them.
ALL SOLD - Thanks to the buyers and the forum! Martegani "Waterproof" Suede/Calf - 10D Worn once to try them on. Simply no need for wet-weather shoes in Los Angeles. SOLD Allen Edmonds Manhattan in Cognac - 10D SOLD Allen Edmonds Lambert in Chili - 10D SOLD Allen Edmonds Lambert in Black - 10D SOLD Romano Martegani - 7Y in Cognac - 10D Under 12 wearings. SOLD
DROP to $230 to get this on the morning crews radar. And it is great for interviews, but also going from meeting to meeting if you work in a larger building or campus. As it turns out I did, but right after I bought it I changed jobs. So never got to use it for that purpose.
I bought this portfolio about a year ago, but haven't used it. Instead of it sitting in my filing cabinet I'm selling it. For reference, Harry Rosen has the same case on sale here: Retail: $650-$780 For Sale: $250-> $230 Shipped in the US. SOLD thanks Styleforum! Ferragamo Revival Black Leather Portfolio Color: Black (Nero) Material: 100% Saffiano textured leather Lining: Bemberg/Nylong with...
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