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DROP to $230 to get this on the morning crews radar. And it is great for interviews, but also going from meeting to meeting if you work in a larger building or campus. As it turns out I did, but right after I bought it I changed jobs. So never got to use it for that purpose.
I bought this portfolio about a year ago, but haven't used it. Instead of it sitting in my filing cabinet I'm selling it. For reference, Harry Rosen has the same case on sale here: http://www.harryrosen.com/eng/produc...folio?77710090 Retail: $650-$780 For Sale: $250-> $230 Shipped in the US. SOLD thanks Styleforum! Ferragamo Revival Black Leather Portfolio Color: Black (Nero) Material: 100% Saffiano textured leather Lining: Bemberg/Nylong with...
I have a pair of MTO Martagani's that are 2 years old and look as new as the day I received them. I brush them after every wear and store them tree'd and bagged. I ordered them using the same suede EG uses (Stead I believe) per Riders recommendation. They turned out grand.
Had an extrodinarily casual day due to meeting with music-industry folks who have a severe distrust of anyone wearing a suit. So went urban... Jacket: Y3 Shirt: Rogan Scarf: Varvatos Belt: Varvatos Cords: Capital E Bracelets: Tods Necklace: David Yurman Watch: Omega SMP Boots: Suede Sutor Messenger: Ferragamo
I have a number of Sartorio jackets and suits and one Oxxford. Sartorio is more suited to my tastes but Oxxford is better constructed. While Sartorio changes with fashion trends, Oxxford is decidedly unchanged. In short, if you want a suit that will be appropriate - yet perhaps plain - Oxxford. If you want something more youthful and modern, Sartorio.
Quote: Originally Posted by twon12 Price Update measurements?
Last year I bought 25+ borrelli shirts from Ian (and others) because I knew they weren't going to be made any longer. Seems like Barba is a relatively decent alternative.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neofinitia Bocadillos sin cojones SO much style happening here. Individuality wins over conformity, even in delicate matters of taste.
alas. I'm terminally stuck in Los Angeles. Wish M a good trip!
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