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For those in LA, The Saks 5th on Wilshire has final mark-downs on a few amazing deals size 11's Corthay Burgundy Suede boot - size 11 and 13 (US) and Kiton Vintage Cherry-ish in 11 US. Both we're around $600. Also, for Anthony Cleverley fans - the has 4 or 5 Anthony Cleverley shoes on sale for $800. A few are must-have styles (burgundy derby, midnight navy caps).
leffot has 30% off Corthay, GG, Alden, St Crispin and Edward Green - limited selections of ~$350-$500 off.
it was SF10 I think - its not working any longer.
It was a memorial day sale on ""/"" - they marked down AC De givenchy's to ~$700 from $1600. Then add the SF discount code. Never seen AC's at that price that weren't used or seconds.
@thinkderm I actually had this exact thought when the Anthony Cleverleys were on sale for $575 during memorial day weekend.
My PML has been sitting on a winder for two years and getting no wear. Time to let it go to someone who will get some use from it. Its in great condition and includes two GO alligator straps (brown and black). all boxes, accessories that came from the authorized dealer will be included. SOLD This will be available for pickup in Los Angeles if you're local. Otherwise shipping is included in the asking price. About the piece: CONDITION: Gently pre-owned, minimal...
Satoria Attolini Jacket up for sale. Selling price includes shipping SOLD Blue herringbone Jacket - light wear 100% Lino (linen) measurements: Soft construction Shoulders: 19.5 Chest: 22-22.5 Waist: ~20.25 Sleeve: 25.5 Length: 31.5-31.75 Double Vented Non-functional Cuffs Light to mid weight
A few more classic styled jackets up for sale with DROPS!! ** Prices include shipping in the US. SOLD Borrelli - Charcoal/brown & bone Houndstooth with subtle lilac over check 100% wool light and classic Amazing 3r2 roll Worn 1-2 Times Soft Shoulders Non-functional cuffs Double vented Shoulder: 19.25 Chest:22, Waist: 20.25 Length: 31.5 Sleeve: 25 Quarter lined SOLD was asking $250 Now $150 Adriano & Sons (Sometimes for Caruso - classic hand-made, incredible...
SOLD Sutor Suede captoe shoes $150 + 10 for shipping anywhere in the US Brown 10D Suede Lace-up Worn 2-3 times
A few jackets up for sale. Shipping included for anywhere in the US via USPS. RLBL Wool Jacket - was $100 Now $65 100% Wool Brown/Dk Brown Houndstooth. Non functional sleeves double vented Shoulder: 19.25 Chest:22, Length: 32 Sleeve: 25 SOLD Wool/Linen/Silk blend White/blue houndstooth Soft Shoulders Non-functional cuffs 44R - Measurements: Shoulder: 19.25 Chest:22, Length: 31.5 Sleeve: 25
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