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the sorrento runs a little small, but there's no shoulder padding so that helps explain the size.
another drop.
First EG, JL and Vass were all bought on B&S!!
Will consider trades too...
Already losing a few bucks on this, but willing to lose a few more evidently. Price drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by ferguscan Does it have a full canvas, or is it completely unstructured? Do you know who made it? Thanks, Stuart I think its fully canvassed and has open construction like a Borrelli. Not sure who made, but i understand they're now made by Caruso, but not sure. It could be St Andrews - can any experts in RLPL help me out here?
Bought this from a SF member last week. The shoulders are just a little too narrow and padded for me - and its a bit smaller than originally posted. So reselling this beauty below my cost - $185 shipped in the US. Beautiful Ralph Lauren Purple Label Jacket. NWT - $1895. Classic seasonal jacket. Its tagged 44R, but is extra slim, easily comfortable for a 42R. Tag Price $1895, ------- Now $SOLD Shipped. All season linen in off-white/cream. Will look...
Quote: Originally Posted by Alfa Digging the chalkstripe odd trousers.
PSA Sierra Trading Post has 25-40% off coupons today including clearance items. Some Isaia jackets for $319, Corneliani $250 etc. Coupon is today's deal-flyer.
Quote: Originally Posted by KtownGreg A couple of new scans just because... GO 60s nice! this is the next one on my list. although have been thinking about spending a little more and getting the white gold with blue hands and a blue croc strap.
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