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Found a few more Yoox uber deals that came up out of nowhere. Cantarelli wool cashmere shepards check car coat, with suede elbow patches (much like the brunello shepard check jackets). $150. Also picked up a few avon celli sweaters that Ian had on sale. Still waiting for my MTM chelsea's to come in. and a new xbox 360 elite. the last one died after 4 years.
nice. I've bought a few satorio's from nordstrom and they do run small. Can you check the waist measurement on the brown 56R? the shoulders would fit, but waist on the pants will need some taking in. I want to see how much of the jacket would need surgery. thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy True. We are just in the fact-finding stage of devising a system that will both make the B&S forum better for both buyers and sellers, and make the value exchange between users and Styleforum more equitable. Now if we could get a style forum iphone theme ( http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=171947 ) I suspect you'd get a big spike in return traffic.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 I don't have a problem and think it's a great idea. You all "use" the forum without paying any fees. While you state the fact correctly, consider the audience b&s brings in terms of endemic traffic. Because b&s and waywn are major draws to the site, ad space cpm's and rev share with behavioral data collectors goes up appreciably. That b&s is "free" of direct cost does not mean that there isn't an...
Good attempt, but misses the mark. Why not make tagging and search easier so we don't do the f5/f5 thing all day?
About 27 or so All of them are sutor, lobb, eg, or martegani.
Depends on which last. *Most* are true to size, but there are a few lasts that run a half-size longer.
Since you tend to go for the top-shelf makers, why not get a Borrelli or Charvet MTM?
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I think that she was both pissy, and accurate. Lets face it, the store looks "tired". Although much better in the last few weeks than late in the summer. It was also pretty clear that they have been very low on inventory for quite a while and so the place lacked the sparkle of a store filled with special things. I got the feeling that she had a pre-exisitng attitude about the place that gave a pissy tone....
New Posts  All Forums: