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Anyone going to the Warehouse sale today - Sunday? I might try to get to downtown today if possible. Not sure why it moved to the LA convention center, but hoping its better than the last few they held. http://www.barneys.com/Barneys%20New...efault,pg.html
I don't know if I'd compare VCH or Ehaber to STF. Visiting the store you'll see the scale of his operation. STP is a different animal all together. I asked him once about the return policy and his point was that the STP/Yoox's of the world have an enourmous return rate. If he were to mirror their policies it would reflect in the prices. Instead, he's focused on bringing in the very best goods across the board and offering the best up-front experience possible. The...
Thankfully my Wife encourages me - particularly if something is at favorable sale/retail ratio. If I can get an item at 25% of retail she usually pushed me to do it. That said, I set a fixed budget for discretionary spending, and anything that exceeds it is discussed. Its about common sense and cash management. I don't have any other expensive habits so as far as she's concerned its a bargain.
Quote: Originally Posted by ferguscan There is a lot of variation in your chest measurement. Can I ask why? Can you be a bit more precise? Also, not sure what you mean by "the padding brings it out to 19.5" when talking about the shoulder. Can you provide some more information on this? Thanks, Stuart Its been sold, but will answer your questions. The chest measurement is has a .5 variance. I'd not call that "a lot" but ok. ...
the sorrento runs a little small, but there's no shoulder padding so that helps explain the size.
another drop.
First EG, JL and Vass were all bought on B&S!!
Will consider trades too...
Already losing a few bucks on this, but willing to lose a few more evidently. Price drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by ferguscan Does it have a full canvas, or is it completely unstructured? Do you know who made it? Thanks, Stuart I think its fully canvassed and has open construction like a Borrelli. Not sure who made, but i understand they're now made by Caruso, but not sure. It could be St Andrews - can any experts in RLPL help me out here?
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