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If they shipped them to you rather than their own company, and you're whom the waybill names as recipient; then its on you to pay. I'd advise calling the shipping agent (DHL or whomever is asking for duties to be paid) and find out if the fee's are really meant for you, or the company.
Isaia has a 50%+ sale on their website suits ~$2k, shirts $275, etc
Saks Off Fifth 40% off Clearance - a few good deals in there - brunello cashmere sweaters $238, suits $953, Isaia jackets $800
The superstar code gave me an additional 10% if you go to "my yoox" there's a function that will apply your code to your bag. But you have to be a superstar to get it.I picked up 3 Brunello, 3 Borrelli, 2 Boglioli, and 2 Sartorio suits. The recently borrelli suits they've been selling have been really great. the pictures make them look boring but in person they're great. Also got a few scarves, cashmere sweaters, and borrelli shirts.Went a bit crazy when my fav suit...
for yoox superstar gives you an extra 10%. For my dream box it put prices back to black friday's sale. went full-steam and bought up everything I've been watching.
For Anthony Cleverley Givenchy the 9UK fits my 10D US well. I find they are true to size 9UK, 43Euro, 10US For comparison, these are the sizes of other makers I have: Cleverley - 9EUK Corthay - 10D (US marked) G&G - 9.5E UK Edward Green 888, 890, - 9.5E UK Carmina (Simpson last) - 9.5E UK Kiton - 9UK, 10 US Lattanzi (for Brioni) - 9UK, 10US Thom Browne - 9UK John Lobb - 9UK (7000E last) Sutor - 9UK sometimes 9.5UK if its really slender Martegani - 10D US Bontoni -...
at the time it was something around there. Depends on what discount they put on the Anthony cleverleys and whatever coupon for Styleforum they having going.
Yeah - it was a deep discount + a coupon code. Quite a deal. The shoes are as well made as I've ever seen. I'm hoping they put some others on sale again - will def pick up more lace ups in my size.
I didn't get anything (nothing in 10D). But did get a pair of cleverleys at the last sale for $650-ish. $800 is well worth it IMHO. They've proven to be amazingly well made shoes
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