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might be a super-star only code then. there wasn't really that much included anyhow - wait until the next round of discounts by end of march.
@munchausen If you click on the banner it'll give you a subset of products that are eligible for the discount. It appears in the check-out page when you apply the code.
@harlemriver Think its YOUFIRST but the selection to which it applies is so limited its essentially useless (at least as suggested by the 70 items in my dream box)
@kirbya Alas my endowment of footware is well attended (thanks to the many videos and tutorials I've taken in over the last decade). I'm sure we have some members that would love to participate, however.
@stupendous having lived in the S.Bay before for a number of years here's what I can impart: -cobbler/shoe shine A) None that I found in LA. Load up on Saphir from the hanger project and DIY. -dry cleaners A) Door to Door in the Riviera (by the trader joes & yogurt land) - they do a decent job, but do charge "extra" for high-end brands. E.g., 15-20% more if you bring in Borrelli, Tom Ford, Isaia, etc. -alterations/tailors A) Enzo Caruso in Santa...
@kirbya A live-stream could be an interesting format. I might suggest having a participant/forum member send you a pair of shoes as a working subject. New Anthony Cleverlys are awesome to see get a glace treatment, but how much more impactful observing a middle-of-the-road EG or CJ, go from drab to lustrous.
Leffot's shoe sale quietly went up to 50%. Also, the sale page doesn't show any Corthay on sale, but they are when you look at them. A few Arca's for ~$875
Im a US10D. I have two Cleverley's, several MH71 and one EG 888 (amongst other lasts with EG and GG). Anthony Cleverley Givenchy and Cameron last toe-box is not as narrow as GG TG73, and a little more than the EG888. The UK9's I bought fit well but are on the small side compared to EG.
Boglioli sale 40% off current season styles for men/women
Wilkes Bashford sale - 25%-40% mens and womens (womens is up to 50%) - some reasonable deals on bontoni, isaia, brunello, etc.
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