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I didnt even realise it didn't upload properly, apologies. Thank you for the advice so far. Also wondering, I have houndstooth trousers, would it suffice as an alternative?
Hello, I'm off to a wedding in London and the dress code is "Morning Dress". I have a morning coat and pastel waistcoat but I was wondering if the trousers I have shown are appropriate? I have read that with strips they should be black/gray on gray, however my trousers are gray on gray. Would it be acceptable for me to couple the trousers along with a morning coat ensemble? GUANGZHOU – Although better known for its mass-production fashion industry, Guangzhou is quickly building a name as one of China’s luxury fashion capitals. Locally-based fashion brand Exception de Mixmind shot to fame back in March for first lady Peng Liyuan’s endorsement on husband Xi Jinping’s first official diplomatic trip as China’s new leader – Peng’s coat, suit and handbag...
Would people mind if I started posting Yohji fits? Either actual Yohji or inspired by types? This thread already has great contributions and just wanted to add more that I've found from other places around the ol interweb.
do you have links to said 'fake' pieces David? This begs further investigation.
I can not believe i hadn't noticed that before... you Sir... are a Knight ahhhh i see i see, I'm sorry for doubting you David hmmm... well I'll think it over and maybe pick up the last one on LN-CC. Thanks again for the information
like the cardigan here? two are the same cardigans except for fabric and colours.I've got the black one in that runway look and it's double breasted, there are only 3 rows of buttons. where as the styled editorial shots cardigan's buttons seem to go...
oooh... is this one? looks real different in terms of styling in the runway shot...
Thanks so much mate, mind if i ask where you find it? I trawled through the thread but it escaped me. Thanks again
Quick question, anyone have the code for the cardigan in the pic? I don't remember seeing it anywhere for sale online, and not the stores I visited in Hong Kong and Beijing. Still hoping I'll get a chance to pick it up somewhere.
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