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That Brioni jacket is the tits. If had $900 to spare it would be mine in a heart beat.
Who makes the last 2 pairs of cap toes? Are those C&J?
you sure about that chest measurement on the first suit? Seems awfully small for a 42 blue label.
Also, heavier cotton will generally wrinkle less than lightweight cotton.
Nice stuff. I need to measure some of my belts to see if these will work. The tan saddle and medium brown suede are nice!
Quote: Originally Posted by CaymanS This is my favorite perennial Styleforvm topic of all time: "Career speculation". I'll go first: el capitan of a major international drug cartel. No, that's Spoo.
I think his online shop is opening tomorrow.
Quote: Originally Posted by jmoody15 Any idea if they're doing 30% off the 2-for deals this time? Looking to get a couple of suits, but not really worth it unless the sale is on top of the 2-for prices. Then I might get a couple of suits and some pants Yeah, this sale blows. the 25% off sale in April was much much better because it included all of the 2 for xxx pants deals and the 3 for xxx shirts deals. I paid $96.75 for 2 pairs of linen/cotton...
PM sent on 42R glen plaid
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