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It's "themselves" and you meant Nazis, the plural, not the possessive. Let me know if you need to know anything else, I am an authority :-) I couldn't for the life of me remember how to spell "themselves". Kind or ironic taking into account my post.
Most useless nitpic I have ever seen on this forum.....well the usual grammar Nazi's who themsleves can't spell. That always amuses me to no end. Oh oh! Also, because people have X amount of posts they think they are an authority.
There is nothing special about the outfit as it were. Just seeing if the black AE's would go with it. I thought it would out of hand as I like the Macneil's in black. Ref the shirt, it is difficult, I find, to get a shirt in a solid color as most all of them come in checks. Very irritating so I am waiting for the next J.P Tilford shirt sale to come so I can get three custom ones one in a solid color.
Nothing special really. To me though, I like the thin clean weave of the jean themselves. Personally speaking I find a thin cotton jean like this hangs better then bulkier weaves. When it comes to jeans I have found it very difficult to find a pair that looks good/hangs well. I trust this clarifies.
That seems to be excessive creasing after just one wear. I have worn leather footwear my entire life and have not seen anything crease that bad after one wearing, no matter how high quality the leather.
The search can sometimes difficult to phrase your searches in order to get the desired results. That said, if you have a thread in mind by all means please feel free to kick me a link to it. Constructive criticism or help is always appreciated.
If not in black then I assume you suggest brown or burgundy? On that note, is it really worth it to upgrade to Cordovan? I have never worn a pair of Cordovan shoes.
I am looking at getting a pair of Paul & Shark jeans as well as two tops from them. Also, thinking of getting a pair of black Allen Edmonds Macneil. Would those shoes work with the jeans? I think so, but would appreciate your thoughts/constructive criticism, and or alien conspiracy theories. Links to all items included...
People are pretty quick to flay the OP alive over this. Ethics are pretty much a personal affair. I would bet that some posters split their cable run into their house to avoid paying for multiple runs. So on and so forth. People have a wonderful way of explaining away their choices when it is in their own interests. I personally would not do what the OP does but that is up to them and their deity of choice.
While Harry Rosen does indeed charge an arguably extorniate premium, as already pointed out they have huge overhead in the form or rent, minimum wage for the SA's (I assume) and other costs. That said, it is tough to argue that the OP is not simply a smart shopper. At the end of the day consumers will vote with their feet. Economics will dictate if Harry's continues to thrive and prosper. I'm off to Harry's tomorrow to see my SA :-)
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