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I believe it ought to be "Business-Conservative Dress".
I am going to say something that might turn everyone green with envy. I think I am going to Hong Kong this May for a week or two and I think I might make a Jantzen shirt or five.
I won't mind stainless steel cufflinks. They won't tarnish (I think) and they are fairly hardy. And more importantly, they are less expensive and probably shine as brightly as sterling silver.
Quote: Originally Posted by fredrik80 I also ordered my first today, im not very impatient as i've heard the horrorstories and what to expect regarding delivery time... but how about customs fees - do you ever get any when ordering from him? I am not too sure about what I am going to say so take it with a pinch of salt. Isn't the customs and excise tax pegged to the value of the goods that are being sent to you? It's usually if the value is...
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday My latest one came last week, but my card hasn't been charged. I'm not sure Ricky can charge me -- I think the card number may have changed (fraud scare) since I placed my order. I sent him an e-mail, and am waiting to hear back. But it goes to show that you'll usually get your shirt before your card is charged, at least in my experience. It looks like if Ricky takes another 4 months to follow up on a...
Do you think it's possible for someone based in Hong Kong, i.e. living there or going there for business/pleasure to give Ricky the measurements that he needs and then have that someone ship everything all out to us? After all, from what I gathered thus far, actual physical customers get rather quicker service than online ones.
My goodness, your weight fluctuates quite a bit from between 125 and 135 lbs, to 215 lbs and then to 145 lbs. I am not an expert and I am probably repeating the obvious - but this isn't healthy. In any case, stay young, keep fit, eat well and be healthy. Regards.
Turnbull & Asser shirts (white or otherwise) are really pricey. I wish I had a pair or a dozen of them. I don't know if they will be perfect but I do know I will cry if one of them gets stained with coffee.
Wouldn't you know when the shirt's ready or coming over when your credit card bill shows a debit/deduction by Jantzen?
I am not practising law in the US - I haven't even graduated - but what you guys have said mirrors the situation where I live. What do you think of a 'career' switch halfway, from being a litigation lawyer to a corporate lawyer? I heard the transaction is easier than if it were the other way round. Your thoughts?
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