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I am reviving this old thread. Does anyone have any idea what's the latest price of a suit by Jantzen? I searched the forums and the the most recent price of a suit (in Jun 2006) was 4,500 Hong Kong Dollars and that included 3 shirts too. All help appreciated.
While we are at this topic, is there a rule regarding leaving the last button (ie the button closest to the end of the sleeve) undone? Come to think of it, working cuff buttons might accomodate huge watches.
The Bostonian is the nicest and sleekest.
What do you guys think about this briefcase? I am thinking of getting it. I like the idea of having two pockets on the side of the briefcase for putting personal effects.
Here's one thing I do but it's admittedly destructive. Use bleach on the collars. Or rather, just bleach the shirt every now and then. Bleach causes the fabric to weaken though.
Whoever's free do monitor when the next fire sale appears. Don't blast it all out to everyone though - you can just inform me by PM. I don't need you guys to buy everything off the shop.
Hands down,, especially the $30 sales items. But I shouldn't be telling you guys that, lest you snatch the item I want out of my shopping basket.
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. does his suits come with a small fry and a coke? Heh, I can't help but smile. You might as well have asked whether it comes with a body massage and a facial too. Yes, it's irrelevant.
That's a charming quaint book.
Hmm, I like the slim cut and the close fitting nature of the shirt. However, I don't particularly like the idea of darts on the shirt. I find that darts are uncomfortable when they rub and chafe against the skin and that they are more commonly found in female blouses. My two cents.
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