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My point really is that the Original Briefcase is suitable for everyday business use. I agree that the Original Briefcase can hold the items you mentioned (and probably more) and make a fashion statement at the same time.This is of course unique only to me but the Original Briefcase is not suitable for the other uses that I sometimes have in mind. I have tried squeezing in two pairs of shoes, another pair of slippers, a change of clothes, a couple of water bottles and the...
I have the Original Briefcase and a Zippered Tote Bag (and a few more). Of the two, I would say the Zippered Tote Bag is more practical - you can easily cram stuff into it, even bulky objects like shoes or clothes. You can stuff the Original Briefcase but that isn't what it is really intended for. To me, the Original Briefcase is meant to be a fashion statement and used more as an office accessory where you need not carry much beyond a few pens, phone and a few pieces of...
Eastdane has 25% off from now until 20 October 2013 with the code INTHEFAMILY25. There's free international shipping if you spend above a certain amount (almost all the Filson items will qualify). Here you go: Enjoy.
Does anyone have a Filson in black which has been through a bit of the weather? Tan ages pretty well and I am wondering how a black version would look. I am thinking of buying a Filson medium field bag in black. Grateful for comments.
Here are photos taken today of the Flap Over J Style Briefcase. I placed an order with Pickett on 10 May 2013 and received the same on 22 May 2013 (sadly after the payment of the not inconsiderable taxes and brokerage fees). There do not seem to be any reviews of this particular model so the purchase was a bit of a gamble on my part. The colour of the briefcase is tan and (hopefully) evolving still as it ages. There were a couple of tiny scratches on it (I am a...
I have got all my fashion problems pretty much solved for me. I wore school uniform.
Quote: Originally Posted by usaa Of course none of this will have any impact on American contract law in the least. I might be wrong but I think the case has persuasive value no matter the jurisdiction from which it originates. Depending on how desperate I am, I am willing to use any case, be it from India or even China.
Is it possible to have a single button for the high collar without the collar collapsing? I am a bit too lazy to button up one additional button.
I bought 7 jantzen shirts when I was there and I am pleased by their quality in view of the price. Here's a recommendation. Do get Ricky to measure you up. He's more experienced than the hired helpers that stand around.
Hi folks, I am in Hong Kong now and the going price is HKD3,800 for - 1 suit - 1 pants - 1 shirt
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