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The E93 deals were a .00081 money factor (w/ multiple security deposits) and 64% residual and zero money down combined with pricing at European Delivery invoice. MSRP at 72k. This yielded payments in the low 500s for 36/10K. The MSD option is unique in the industry as far as I know and combine with European Delivery (not sure why anyone would not do ED) to make BMW lease deals significantly more attractive than the competition.Caveats:- BMW holds 5K of your money for three...
I checked the forums and found the original thread about the E93s that I remembered. Guy actually got $502/mo for an E93. Retail IIRC was around $75k at the time. Of course the deal doesn't exist anymore but it shows the virtue of waiting for the right opportunity.--> http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=499496Actual money factor = usually dealers mark up the money factor at least in my experience. I get the number in advance (ridewithg) and ask for it...
Took this (sorry, iPhone) this morning: 238ft Lurssen Martha Ann. Very impressive boat. Crew of 20.
Agree, E39 M5 'the beast' is my favorite BMW. Someone in this thread posted some really nice photos of his a while back. Maybe you?
No. I'm paying a couple hundred less than that including tax (9%) for 12K/yr on my 2011.5 E92. Zero down but used all MSDs. In late 2010 people were getting E93s in the high $500s/per month + taxes. Amazing deal.If I turn in the car with 50k miles on it (14K overage) my total lease cost including all taxes & fees divided by 36 monthly payments will still be less than $700/mo.If you leased in 2008 or 2009 I could see $800-$1000/mo though, but not anymore.When I went to the...
Cool story?
Current winner for world's gayest car. I say that without any negative connotations. If I was gay, I'd have one for every day of the week in different colors.
335 is the only decent car on that list. Plus it will be far less to lease since BMW FS has ridiculously good lease deals if you do your homework. I lease a M3 coupe for around the same rate as a fuckin' lipstick-on-a-pig-slower-than-a-Civic A5 or faux-luxury-overweight-underpowered-shitbox Mercedes C-class. I put around 20K/yr on my leased cars. BMW buy rate in advance for miles is 16 cents. Don't give a fuck at that rate. Total lease cost when I turn in my M3 with 50K...
It's not about cost it's about convenience. I have at the moment four sets of wheels for my M3 - all seasons for winter, summers, and two sets for the track. Do you really want to deal with the hassle of taking your car somewhere to do something as simple as switch wheels? Storage is not too bad (though I am not in Asia) -- live in a condo and bought a locker.
Women like stylish shoes that other women will recognize and be jealous of. OP should have been honest and asked what shoes to get for his RealDoll.
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