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Do you wear this while torturing the children you have locked up in your basement?
In that case I think the STi hatchback is an awesome car. I would definitely take one over the A4/A5 especially if you'd only be choosing the A4/A5 for the image. 200hp in the A5 is really uninspiring.'Being 16 again' is all in how you drive it though I do think the STi has grown up a lot. I see a lot more young guys coming home from work in suit and tie in STIs than in Evos.
In case you are, because people give away what they don't wear anymore and what looks dated, and that would be pleated pants.
Why not get a 135i in the same price range and be mature with a faster car?
Lame sale. Last year I got the Marlow loafers for $303.
What? Dressing seasonally means wearing cotton suiting in the summer, which is fine in most (any?) professional environment. There's obviously a difference between cotton made into casual clothes and cotton made into business dress.
You're 22 and worried about chintzy "dinnerware" from Neiman Marcus while living in apartment? What the fuck? Wait till you're old and married and let your husband play Martha Stewart for you.
See my previous post where I talk about ED invoice. On a 75K car ED invoice would be 64K. Residual is calculated at US MSRP. BMW also offers 1.5K off twice a year. That's a cap cost of 62.5K plus applicable fees (ED leases do not include MACO/training/doc fees that USA leases incur) so let's assume a cap of 64K for simplicity. With a MF of .00081 that's $535/mo plus taxes.$19260. The ED experience is very well done. The BMW Welt is an incredible building and the museum and...
I don't get why anyone would drop 200K+ on that little POS when you could have a beautiful sailing yacht in the same range. Of course I know next to nothing about boats, and it probably shows.
I currently have all manual cars and enjoy them. It used to be the manual was the faster option. Now with the current generation of DCTs the manual is slower. If all i cared about was going fast, I'd get DCT. The reason I enjoy driving manual so much is driving slow. There's nothing quite like a nice relaxed drive while getting every single gear change and rev-matched down shift perfectly correct and smooth.
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