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Pay it forward and sell it on eBay. You have now lived my worst fear over buying used stuff.
The period blood red Lexus is vomit inducing, especially since it's been unsuccessfully and garishly modified to make it less of a 40-yr old woman's daily driver.The Supra makes up for the offense to the eyes, at least partially. Nice car.
I currently commute into DC. I've decided I want to get a place downtown to be able to walk to work. That means I'll want to live in the Dupont Circle area. I currently have three cars, two M3s, E46 and E92 and a 911 Turbo. I understand driving in DC sucks. I'll get rid of the Turbo and maybe the E46. I want to garage park the E92, street park the E46 if I keep it. Keeping the E92 for weekend drives is worth it despite the negatives and additional expense. I have been...
I recently picked up a E46 M3 SMG as a commuter car and a HPDE car I wouldn't be too sad if I accidentally wrecked. I must say the SMG is all kinds of fun. I leave it in its fastest shift mode (S5) and in dry weather at high RPMs it shifts absolutely brutally fast. Upshifts are basically instantaneous clutch dumps. The feeling of banging through the gears at 8000rpm with this transmission is awesome, and triple downshifts (e.g. 6-3 on the highway to pass) are quickly...
This is bad advice.OP has a solid amount of experience on mainframes at this point. Mainframes are in use at many of the world's most important organizations and due to risk they will likely not be replaced for the foreseeable future (who gives a shit about them being "hot")-- people that have skills on mainframes and are still able and willing to travel are very rare.OP should round out his skills, quit his dead end job, and become an independent contractor. He can make...
pocket squares bowties with non-black tie hats fur rolled up sleeves to explain, I had a coworker that rolled up his sleeves every day without fail for two years. To above his elbows. I thought he looked like a complete idiot. I will roll up a bit while driving or if I need to do physical work but I dislike when people roll up their sleeves as the norm
Is this a joke? Did you really write this wall of text for such a simple 'problem'? Just put on a pair of penny loafers and STFU.
In my opinion, suits, sportcoats, and shoes are the only clothing items that need to be expensive. I would say there is a significant and noticeable decrease in quality in suits and sportcoats in the under 1K range. A decent suit with a high quality fabric is around 2K and up. As for shoes, you get what you pay for. $300 seems to be the minimum to get a pair of shoes that both look nice and are comfortable. I tried going the sub-$300 route and bought a pair of...
There are plenty of suggestions in your price range, just go to Saks or Neiman. I bought a Z Zegna for $350 on sale at Saks last year. One button, no vent, peal satin lapels, good fit.
People who would wear said jacket: 1. Gay Hitler 2. Elton John 3. OP?
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