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I did. And I managed to get ED invoice pricing (which is supposedly dead and gone on M cars) and locked in holiday cash AND loyalty. This car and deal makes me happy on many levels.
@ BMW Welt:
I actually owned one for a few years. Really nice example, silver grey 2005 coupe. Great Alcantara steering wheel.Car has hotter cams, standard sport suspension, different control arms, some interior and exterior upgrades, and a rather annoying "performance" exhaust that tends to drone. Gorgeous car; I think the best looking 3-series ever.Long and short of the ZHP in my opinion -- looks great, but not fun to drive, at all, in any way. And that's what frustrates me. I drank...
Wow, drinking a lot of the internet forum kool-aid, eh? I had a 2006 330CI ZHP coupe. Hated it and quickly sold it. Was not fun to drive at all. M3 is significantly better in every way. Don't waste your time on the compromise car.ZHP resale values are artificially high since people write bullshit like the your post all the time about the car. I bought the car largely based on the consensus I found from the forums and it was an important lesson for me; never trust internet...
How do people that earn 40k/yr even access the internet? Public library? Apple store?
That's beautiful. Wish it was even a half inch longer!
Except when the lock is relatively weak and people push too hard. Very awkward moment as you meet eye contact with someone. The one time it happened to me I was mid-holding my phone up in the air while trying to browse Reddit with the shitty service in the bathroom.
People who drop glass bottles on the ground of the DC metro. Then pretend not to notice when the bottle rolls and slams into the metal divider every time the train shifts.
Dog walkers. And people that walk dogs on tracks. Jesus fucking christ. I get up early to run. No cars and less people. At least it used to be that way. I used to run downtown. I used to be able to get up at 6 and go for an hour long run and not see anybody else but a few runners. Couple waves but most people understand running is not a stop and talk activity. Then the city became 'dog friendly.' Dog friendly people get up at 5:30 and walk their dogs all over the...
I happen to be a fan of Cucinelli vests. Unfortunately they are getting hard to find and seem to be trading on the second hand market at prices around $700-$900 which seems a tad insane. I would like some alternatives. Example: Here's who I know of that makes a similar style, apparently considered an "Italian vest" consisting of down fill faced with suiting material which creates an interesting combination of the elegant and the rustic: - Loro Piana, generally same...
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