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I am comparing M3s since the context was the 2014 M3. E92 M3. 335 has throttle lag for days, even weeks. They feel and drive like completely different cars, because they are.
As good as the E46 is the E92 is even better in this regard. I have both. The E92 is absolutely incredible. Instantaneous and linear throttle response that just keeps going and going. Amazing intake sound and a great exhaust noise (unlike the E46). It's like the CSL with another 100hp. The E46 is more fun to toss around. But in terms of throttle and engine response the E90/E92 M3 reigns supreme.
Quick Question: It's not clear: "Front Rise: Includes waist band" So is the correct measurement 10.5" (front) or 11.75" (including back) ? Common sense says it is 10.5" but just want to confirm.
Not really. Throttle response on all current turbocharged BMWs is abysmal. Even M5 is poor in this regard. I don't care how fast a car is; I care about how it responds. The E46 M3 and E92 M3 are far and away the leaders in this department in their respective classes. I am afraid this will be lost with the next generation. That's why there's Porsche.
Looks like cerulean blue to me.
The E46 M3 SMG is spectacular in this regard as well. I love mine. Surprisingly easy to crawl around town as well.I would recommend checking out the E46 M3 SMG. They are very cheap these days. 20-24mpg. Reasonable maintenance costs. Insane at high RPMs. One of the best looking cars ever made IMO. Wonderful raucous mechanical all intake noise with a slight hint of rasp from the rear when you get on it.Most of the SMG hate on the internet is from people who test drove it in...
I did. And I managed to get ED invoice pricing (which is supposedly dead and gone on M cars) and locked in holiday cash AND loyalty. This car and deal makes me happy on many levels.
@ BMW Welt:
I actually owned one for a few years. Really nice example, silver grey 2005 coupe. Great Alcantara steering wheel.Car has hotter cams, standard sport suspension, different control arms, some interior and exterior upgrades, and a rather annoying "performance" exhaust that tends to drone. Gorgeous car; I think the best looking 3-series ever.Long and short of the ZHP in my opinion -- looks great, but not fun to drive, at all, in any way. And that's what frustrates me. I drank...
Wow, drinking a lot of the internet forum kool-aid, eh? I had a 2006 330CI ZHP coupe. Hated it and quickly sold it. Was not fun to drive at all. M3 is significantly better in every way. Don't waste your time on the compromise car.ZHP resale values are artificially high since people write bullshit like the your post all the time about the car. I bought the car largely based on the consensus I found from the forums and it was an important lesson for me; never trust internet...
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