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Just went to place my first shirt order but was surprised to find 1/2" measurement increments for chest, waist, and hip measurements. I would like to specify 1/4 or 3/4", why the lack of granularity?
Dat fabric. Wow. Any chance of another 40R?
Looks cheap, ill-fitted, and frumpy.You need a much better tan to rock those loafers sock-less.
A widespread consensus amongst a closeted community of extremely like-minded individuals highly susceptible to other's opinions (e.g. an internet forum circle-jerk) is of very limited value."Widespread consensus" also indicates you should have your pants cuffed with 4" cuffs so you look like a complete idiot.Black suits are worn daily and nightly in major cities all across the world as standard attire.
TF suits are made by Zegna.The fabrics are from their standard line up and are from their mid-range collections (4/5 on their numeric scale).Unless you have a thing for Tom FordZegna Milano fit looks quite a bit better for 1/2 the cost
Or workOr going to the clubOr going to dinnerOr going on a dateOr as a sport-coat with chinos......Or pretty much any place you'd wear a dark navy suit or jacket, since they look nearly identicalI think you confused "SF consensus" with something of value.
If you are a large black man you can probably pull that off. If you are the average StyleForum member, pale and with a
You paid $450 on sale for ugly brown pebble grain bluchers with a split toe? That's a terrible deal on a shoe no one needs or wants. Plus the BB Peals with Dainite soles are extremely uncomfortable.ITT people indiscriminately buy ugly shit because it's on sale.I'm not sure even Allen Edmonds makes something that horribly proportioned and clunky. Not worth $50.
I am comparing M3s since the context was the 2014 M3. E92 M3. 335 has throttle lag for days, even weeks. They feel and drive like completely different cars, because they are.
New Posts  All Forums: