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The waistband makes you look like you are wearing Depends. There is something very diaper like about it. Are you specifying that on purpose or does Luxire make disproportionally large waistbands without button loops?
Interesting spam for DOCKERS ALPHA
Ever heard of A&S?The Italians didn't invent shit, what is now known as the soft Italian suit is a homogenization of American and British styles.
You guys know that most of what you are referencing as "Italian" is Italian makers emulating British style, right? Hence, your Anglo-style Italian made suits are fine with British shoes.
Ripped my Navy Multiseason suit trousers. Would like to see if I could find another set without paying $350+ to have a new pair made. Fabric needs to be Zegna Multiseason, their basic Navy cloth, it is called NMSNAVY on the fabric tag. I believe it is sold frequently at Neiman Marcus. It is near black and is darker than their other standard navys (STRNAVY, etc.) I can wear waist sizes 32-36; don't mind getting things tailored. At minimum need to be able to make a 32"...
S t i l l I n t r e s t e d You could reply to my multiple PMs and you know, sell this item, rather than bump it. But whatever floats your boat.
FWIWZegna changes and refines their fits all the time without notice. It can be frustrating. For example, Fit Mila has gone from 30.75" back length for a size 50 to 29.5" in the last few years. I now have to have jackets slightly lengthened by a very expensive tailor to get the balance to look right on my frame - going up a size often makes them too big overall - depends on the model. Also, the core "Fit Mila" can have shoulder padding ranging from near nothing to...
Sent you a PM, please respond.
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