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S t i l l I n t r e s t e d You could reply to my multiple PMs and you know, sell this item, rather than bump it. But whatever floats your boat.
FWIWZegna changes and refines their fits all the time without notice. It can be frustrating. For example, Fit Mila has gone from 30.75" back length for a size 50 to 29.5" in the last few years. I now have to have jackets slightly lengthened by a very expensive tailor to get the balance to look right on my frame - going up a size often makes them too big overall - depends on the model. Also, the core "Fit Mila" can have shoulder padding ranging from near nothing to...
Sent you a PM, please respond.
Best reply ever.For what it's worth.. true sport-coats have a "drop" as well. It is the difference between jacket chest and waist. Your original statement regarding the fit of a "drop 6" was valid.
He looks fucking full retard on the Olympics. Worst pant fit I've ever seen, too small jackets with giant open quarters, stupid 2" cuffs. Straight out of WAYWRN. As my friend just put it "he dresses like a pedophile."
It looks great
sent PM a couple weeks ago, still interested
I have been going to Field Tailor in DC starting a year ago. I typically wear Zegna suits; I have had around ten tailored by Mr. Field at this point. Mr. Field makes my suits look incredible when I am standing still. When I wear the finished products for a few hours (special event, presentation, etc.) I find him well worth the expense and his attention to detail is second to none. Unfortunately most of what he produces for me ends up being uncomfortable after being worn...
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