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What the fuck?
Shakira would be proud of his hips
This thread is from 2008. At the point I thought Italian "hand-made" shirts were cool. A short time after I figured out the huge clown collars, weird shoulders, and shitty construction were all a big gimmick and sold all that shit. Haven't looked back since.
I think darts look extremely feminine. One detail I will never have on my shirts.
How about the obvious solution: a diet?
Very true. It's sad. This currently affects the E46 more than the E9x, but I'm sure the worst is yet to come.
I used to rent from Hertz weekly. Every time I was in SF or LA I would for whatever reason get a "luxury" car. Unfortunately this was always the Mercedes C300, which (at least in 2009-2010 trim) was a complete piece of horse shit that combined the handling prowess of a barge with the road feel of an unsuspended tractor. I eventually called and complained and asked only for base model low mileage Camrys. Those are the best cars they've got IMO - the ones without the sport...
Mine: after I win the lottery tonight
If my legs were that pale I wouldn't worry about whether or not my sock was showing. Get a tan.
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