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Very true. It's sad. This currently affects the E46 more than the E9x, but I'm sure the worst is yet to come.
I used to rent from Hertz weekly. Every time I was in SF or LA I would for whatever reason get a "luxury" car. Unfortunately this was always the Mercedes C300, which (at least in 2009-2010 trim) was a complete piece of horse shit that combined the handling prowess of a barge with the road feel of an unsuspended tractor. I eventually called and complained and asked only for base model low mileage Camrys. Those are the best cars they've got IMO - the ones without the sport...
Mine: after I win the lottery tonight
If my legs were that pale I wouldn't worry about whether or not my sock was showing. Get a tan.
S&R Liquors. They have two bottles of Darroze right now, a '70 and '79 Cheateau de Gaube. Nice people and a nice selection of less expensive armagnacs including a few nice Casteredes.
Thanks. The 1970 Gaube is really exceptional. It is known as one of the "true expressions of armagnac." It's quite powerful. Think the artisanal brandy version of a 25 yr. old cask strength single malt scotch. You'll enjoy it. Trying to close a deal on four more bottles of Darroze I found recently (including a Gaube 1959). The oldest bottle I had was a 1893 Domaine de Cavaillon that I bought at auction and subsequently traded. Didn't get to taste it! The Tesseron is pretty...
The Germain-Robin XO is quite exceptional for its price point. I have resolved to collect Darroze Armagnacs. The 1970 is incredible, which is why I have two.
I had a single shirt made by MyTailor out of the Thomas Mason Silverline book. It was fabric F53256 (was $125). It is extremely mediocre (has the hand of thin cardboard) and on my experience would not touch Silverline again. MyTailor made the shirt with measurements about one to two inches less on average than I specified. To their credit they offered to remake the shirt.Would recommend you choose based on feel with your local tailor (or at least MyTailor's traveling...
Wearing a pocket square is the best way to announce that you are trying too hard.
Actually, the luz is on you. Your posts in this thread reek of self-justification and some sort of snobbery at being a wage slave:You feel "affluence" (as judged by what, what people have posted on a clothing forum?) is signified by leaving for work before light and coming home after dark? Really? Apparently most of you live on your knees. People are proud that they are expected to answer their bosses e-mails at 6:00 AM? Proud of the "cache" (extra lulz) at being the first...
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