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If you look at the mess that is the actual "code" for their posts when you go to quote you would realize why I didn't take the time. I tried; then I decided: "fuck it."
Just because you can, dosen't mean you should. Puts the capital 'F' in FUGLY.
This dude is fucking a woman a foot taller than him and drives a Porsche 918.
How much to lengthen sleeves and lengthen inseam?
shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet I wish you had 11.5 US
Yes. I wouldn't buy anything from them without the ability to return. On the other hand - I thought it was a pretty good deal - so I waited for the sale and spent the time trying to grab the right items in my size. Disappointed immediately upon opening the box.
A heads up: I thought the recent Gilt Zegna sale had good values with staple pattern suits available for $999. I can't be the only one. I assumed these would be mainline Zegna, as the brand was listed as "Ermenegildo Zegna" and Gilt usually specifies "Z Zegna" when they sell that brand. However, the two I ordered arrived and they are "Z Zegna." Of course retail on these could not have been over $1300 and they are fused Made in Mexico diffusion line products. A...
I will say that Field was able to make some of my off the rack suits look like well executed bespoke. These suits fit me quite well off the rack with just sleeves and pants done; most tailors think there is nothing more to do. The results are therefore quite fantastic but they are not comfortable for day to day wear. This cannot be chalked up to issues with my body type - as the very first suit Field tailored for me turned out perfectly and is to this day both perfect in...
there is a saying: what completes the look is your face
OK - I guess you'll update when you've measured correctly? I don't think 28" is possible for someone that wears a regular length jacket?
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