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I bought a shade that was a little bit darker last year and it is still too blue for 99% of business situations. I think this is way too bright. I ended up wearing it once and the silence from people who are usually complimentary was deafening. Getting the right blue is hard - would suggest looking at in store. I should have returned it when I received it.
Get hammered and then go online. This is what I do with purchases I've debated for a long time.
Way too affected to be worn as anything other than a costume IMO
Has anyone seen this in person or have pictures of what it looks like under natural light?
Looks great for the most part. Rise definitely needs to be higher and the seat let out. Your ass is eating your pants currently.My main complaints with the new "modern" fit of suits.. no room for cawk and balls.
As a general commentary, I think you've purchased very fashion forward/noticeable pieces but seem to be a little less than sure of whether you can pull them off. I think you can and they look good even out of the box, but you need a lot of confidence to pull these looks off without look affected. Knowing myself, I'd return them, as I wouldn't ever wear them out the door.
These (blue line) suits are priced to be disposable and I use them as such. I travel 100%, I wear them everyday from 6A till I get back to my hotel at 10-11PM. I take them to the cleaners to avoid putting them in my luggage over weekends. I was obviously not making a point about the proper care of suits. My point was even when abused these suits hold up fine - no shininess, fraying, or bubbling; they do seem to be quite durable and well made. So any of you will not be in...
Even then that suit would be back to 100% after a trip to the cleaners for a press. Been there done that. Steaming the front of a suit just makes it look frumpy.I use a travel steamer to steam the sleeves, back, and the pants. I've done this hundreds of times over years in my hotel rooms after work with a little ConAir travel steamer. Works flawlessly to remove the most noticeable signs of wear between presses.
This is not correct. Do not steam the canvassed part of your suits as you will shortly need a press. However, steaming the unlined back to remove wrinkles is perfectly fine.Guys, this is SuitSupply. These suits are great values and do wear well. I wear 2-3 in a rotation during travel weeks (100% these days) and have them cleaned every weekend. Each one definitely needs a press at the end of the week to look presentable. Still looking good after a year.
This cut does not flatter you at all. The excessive flair at the hip makes it look like a bit like a women's pant suit and the pants are fatally too tight at the knee and are bunching. The lower waist band accentuates your bulk gut. I have some of the same difficulty, as I am 6'2" & 200lbs, but not excessively overweight. In SuitSupply, the Napoli in a long size fits me well, especially with a small bit of the waist suppression relaxed by my tailor. This is not because the...
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