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If it is the same Gaga I'm finding it has a connection to Borrelli. Companies merged in '97 or so according to this: http://www.erricoformicola.com/en/history
I want to know too. Malmö isn't bad. Found a Rocky Mountain Featherbed gore-tex jacket there a year and a half ago. Got good money out of it on you know where.Do think I like Gothenburg the most though.
I just e-thrifted (COUGH COUGH COUGH) these. My girlfriend will kill me, I won't get to eat anything, and so on. But all that's fine. The thing that has me worrying about what I just did though, are the recommended complements.
Short story to share: Picked up a pair of LVC 1954 from the Levi's store in San Francisco when I visited earlier this year. Really like the model from before and decided to do an impulse buy. Anyways, got home, and upon putting them on for the first real wear, the pocket ripped. So, I got in touch with Levi's to see about a solution. After fighting with them over shipping charges (as I had to return them to the U.S.) they agreed to actually send me two pairs of jeans as...
Not that I think it's going to be awesome, but still, Hermes ties on My habit at 9 am PT. Edit: Prices are $150. Decent selection.
Anyone recognize this? Very sweet wool and leather belts, U.K. made, but interwebz is not turning up much.
Had another great day with @silverwarebandit, even though while we were out it felt like it didn't produce that much, summing up the stuff (especially since most is for myself) I really can't complain. And I have to extend the deepest thanks to both @silverwarebandit and @eazye for being such good people and letting me have stuff they found. Brioni linen (not available), Luciano Barbera checked (not available), Gant Rugger NWT (not available), Avirex made in USA leather...
Just awesome stuff going on now. After last nights total booze-bonanza with @silverwarebandit, I'm surprised I was able to do some thrifting with @eazye today, but we did, and the experience just confirms what a nice bunch of people we have in this community. We also had a couple of nice finds.NWOT Church's Wholecut Oxfords. Anyone speak Churchian and can tell me what it says? Available. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: