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Sometimes the E-thrift game is just silly. On our edition of the bay, biker inspired jackets have been bring in cash like crazy lately, we're talking $200 and up for no name stuff. Just spotted a Schott Perfecto model 118 in great condition with no bids, ended up costing me less than $90. What the? Like, really people? Totally intend to wear this alongside eazye while doing Chi-town.
Quite fashion forward, quality nothing special. They do a lot of poly blends. Fairly high (as in unmotivated) retail.
Good tip. I've read that QC has been horrible on Wolverine lately, and I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad sign for 2nds (as on STP).
Oh, GMMcL forgot to told you? He said I could have 'em instead. Address incoming.Seriously though. That's just awesome stuff.
Well. What does it feel like in your gut? If you like it and the way it fits off the hanger, that's what matters since it's you wearing it. $45 is nothing for a wearable suit.If you feel like you'd need to put a lot of tailoring to get it where you want to go, then I'd go with something that's better from the start, and perhaps higher quality as well. Otherwise you'll be investing in something that you might end up regretting due to quality (or cut).
Hard to say how it fits looking at the pictures, but seems decent. Button stance looks high though. What about vents? I mean, if it is current (well, say not hard 3 button and with dual vents) and it fits you, 45 bucks is nothing for a decent quality suit in my opinion.
Dibs 13D.
Rad. I wonder if they'll develop awesome rust if left outside for a while?
Update on this: From what I can tell, they're produced by the old Highland Shoe factory, that was bought up by the same company that owns the Walkover brand. Unsure about leather quality, but they look pretty nice.
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