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Huh, look at that...
Does it have a beer (please note, not bear) on it? If not, I am not interested.
Had a great day in Atlanta. Best thing was probably me going in to THE high end menswear store to get a shipping bag for some Aldens I need recrafted, and end up meeting two really cool dudes. At least one of them is a frequent visitor here.Here are my finds, consolidated from yesterday (crappy) and today (good!)Went back to the same place I found the two HF suits yesterday. Found another one and couldn't leave the one orphan. It's navy with brown buttons, so I think it...
This just happened: Super heavy vintage pringle shawl collar knit. Probably the coolest I've ever seen. Just needs two new buttons and it's good as new.
Holiday Inn Express! Not the best breakfast, but the hotel is nice and updated. I think that picture is from Smyrna or around there. Now to check out some consignment stores.
Breakfast for thrifters? Think I'll skip this tomorrow and check out waffle house instead.
Gotta love renting from Sixt. Paid 202 bucks for a week in an economy car (Chevy Spark). Got upgraded to a Cadillac SRX with 300 bhp and all the bells and whistles.
Attention: Swede hitting U.S. thrift stores. Just two pick-ups today though. If someone is about 10 pounds lighter than me (so, a 42L), these could very well be meant for you. Pretty recent custom US-made HF suits (dated 2009), Loro Piana Tasmanian Super 130's, working cuffs. Super staple stuff, dual vent, flat front (pants not pictured). Sorry about iPotato pics.
Sup cru?Seems like cheap chinese stuff:
Oh no. The dreded SSSS. Seems like I'll spend some time in security today. However: Atlanta, brace yourself!
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