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Oh, how come? I actually met the author a little while back. For whatever reason, he was visiting my town. Me and my friend were arranging a retro and vintage market and he stopped by on his hunt for vintage workwear. I just had some LVC 201's, but I guess that was enough to get us talking.He did mention his book just coming out in a couple of days from then. Seemed like a good guy.
It's sadly nowhere near imperial quality pieces, and too late to be worth silly amounts. I still think they could be worth up to a couple of grand, though.
Sorry to sideline your discussions on the muffuggin store liquidation. Here are some chinese vases I picked up Yesterday. At a consignment store I very rarely go to. Dirt cheap. Some guys in the know put these between late 19th century (Emperor Guangxu) to early republic.
Wasn't it vintage Tommy Hilfiger that was the pickup worthy stuff?
Merry christmas guys! Special shoutout to all the super people here who put up with me doing crazy thrift trips to your country - and not only that, but really help out and some times even tag along. Semi thrift fit in -9,3 fahrenheit (-23 for all you others) - down jacket and merino wool beanie. Had to inspect the lands with the SO.
I'm sure you are already starting to pick up on this - but there's very little Armani that's worth picking up, atleast when it comes to the general consensus here.Still, if it's for yourself and you like it, yay!
Great deal, however - just so everyone is aware - this is the 256, which is quite a bit smaller than the 257. I believe that's what Fueco posted before?
LuleƄ! We've got like three thrift stores here. I find decent furniture, art and stuff - but very little clothing that's worthwhile.
Yeah! I don't find that much great clothing up here in the north, but me and the girlfriend might be moving to Gothenburg in a couple of months. I reckon the availability of awesome stuff will increase.
There's always a chance of some wrinkles, but that's to be expected. I tend to use this method, which prevents a lot of them.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWz6aJPae7s
New Posts  All Forums: