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Oh no. The dreded SSSS. Seems like I'll spend some time in security today. However: Atlanta, brace yourself!
Dibs if 12.5 or 13D!! I've been looking for some LHS for a while now.
Ehm. After reading about fire king on here a while back, I'm pretty sure I've passed on more than one vintage Pyrex dish with prints. They don't have a very big following here from what I can tell.I can see some opportunities in this...
Since there's been some talk about art lately, I thought I'd share some of my finds from the last few months. All true thrifts. Had two of them reframed (The kneeling girl and the lower left house. All others as found). Poster sized print by chinese artist Zhao Tianqi. Just the frame probably cost in excess of $300. I like this one very much. Trio of buildings: Upper left is a local artist that has seen some success nationally in Sweden. Notice the setting sun behind...
I picked up a @Fueco today! Been on the lookout since the Patagonia heavy discussions started, and finally found one. Great condition but maybe not brightly colored enough to really fetch the ultra high prices. Not sure about age on this as it's made in Jamaica. Available.
Pretty awesome info on that Gore-Tex jacket I picked up yesterday. @Fueco
Right, was probably only sold in Sweden at that time. I've sent a query to Tierra to see if they can shine some light on it.
Paging @Fueco.Picked this up today. Trying to figure out how old it is. Brand belongs to same group as Fjällräven and was founded in the early 80's. But I'm thinking 90's on this.Very thick fabric, easily as thick as my Arc'teryx Pro shell. Taped seams, dual zips (or did it originally have a liner?)Lots of pockets.Best thing? It fits like a glove! [[SPOILER]]
Another Hans be goin' to Atlanta. I'll have half a day (landing on the 28th) to enjoy all that free coffee.
Oh, how come? I actually met the author a little while back. For whatever reason, he was visiting my town. Me and my friend were arranging a retro and vintage market and he stopped by on his hunt for vintage workwear. I just had some LVC 201's, but I guess that was enough to get us talking.He did mention his book just coming out in a couple of days from then. Seemed like a good guy.
New Posts  All Forums: