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I'm sure you are already starting to pick up on this - but there's very little Armani that's worth picking up, atleast when it comes to the general consensus here.Still, if it's for yourself and you like it, yay!
Great deal, however - just so everyone is aware - this is the 256, which is quite a bit smaller than the 257. I believe that's what Fueco posted before?
Luleå! We've got like three thrift stores here. I find decent furniture, art and stuff - but very little clothing that's worthwhile.
Yeah! I don't find that much great clothing up here in the north, but me and the girlfriend might be moving to Gothenburg in a couple of months. I reckon the availability of awesome stuff will increase.
There's always a chance of some wrinkles, but that's to be expected. I tend to use this method, which prevents a lot of them.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWz6aJPae7s
Thanks! Isn't 綿 cotton though? I was certain that was for wool, and it certainly feels wooly
Paging @barrelntrigger. What am I looking at here?Rather Italian sounding name - but Google turns up nothing.So - why page Barrel? Here's why:I've been able to decipher 90% wool. Guessing the other 10 % could be poly or something. But I'm looking for a maker. Anything on there?Here's what it is (warning, iPotato): [[SPOILER]] Fits me so darn good.
Jippie yay yay! Got a wad of cash from my union to go to a conference in Atlanta in March. Will probably spend better part of a week there. Any good stuff to see or thrift? A couple of weeks later it's time for a planned vacation: 11 days on the west coast. Part of it is in a Corvette, driving from San Francisco to Portland. Serially looking forward to it.
Oh my. I regret missing out on that. Nice find!Glad to hear it arrived safely!
What in the World? Fake - or just what happened to RMFB before it went out of business? No gore-tex, made in Portugal. But dual zippers and sorta cool.
New Posts  All Forums: