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It was mentioned a couple times in your other thread, a navy blazer. Just make sure the fit is great.
+1,000,000 Get a navy blazer. It will solve most of your problems.
Can't wait to see the changes. Now with one seller dominating every page with multiple posts I haven't had the patience to browse throuse the B&S forum. Thanks mods!
Peal & Co. for Brooks Brothers Suede Perforated Medallion oxfords in UK 8.5. They are just too small for me, and I am looking for a similar suede or or brown calf oxford in about US 9E, or 9.5. If anyone is interested I'll provide some pics. Thanks!
Like the title says, I'm looking for a strand or mcallister 9EE in walnut color. I'm actually open to other brown shoes with closed lacing as well (and suede!), but know that these AE models in this size fit me well. Thanks!
Have some fun with color, just nothing too crazy. They are just socks... As was mentioned, I think this is being over thought.
You could get a second pair of the same shoe. But there are so many nice shoes out there to choose from I don't know why you would limit yourself to the same one everyday.
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