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Apologies for confusion with regard to the chino - the earlier response specifically meant that the khaki chino is the same as on our site. The green pant is a different design. In addition, we also noticed that Target is calling the chino the 'slim fit', while it a pant that has the measurements of our democratic fit.
@th3buhbuh, we're super stoked you guys love this jacket! The more jackets we can put out into the universe, the better!
The chino on the Target website is the exact same as our democratic fit chino. You won't find the slim chino on their website, though.
You guessed it! It's part of our Week 2 release of the Moto Collection.
You can apply a promo code to a Workshop item at checkout. @JR Magat and @cnew, thought you gents would like to know this as well. At the very beginning of the year when we launched the Workshop, this was not the case. We changed that about a month in.
If the size 40 shirt doesn't work out, try a 38. Based on your height and weight, it sounds like that's your size. And no horsehide here; our jacket is steerhide.
This may have been a defect in the sewing process... The pants shouldn't bow in. Send us an email with some photos and we can discuss further!
We can absolutely send new buttons! We're all for helping facilitate a repair, but agreed on how insane international postage can be. We will definitely pay for return postage to send the denim back to you. Shoot us an email at contact@taylorstitch.com and we can talk about it.
We will be doing a tee restock, but do not have plans to do a multi-pack at this time. Will relay the suggestion of other colors to the design and production teams to see if we can find some cool fabrics.
Happy to send you more! Just shoot us a direct message on StyleForum or an email to contact@taylorstitch.com and let us know where to send them.
New Posts  All Forums: