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So the Indigo Star Jack, the Indigo Pyramid and the Indigo Cherry Blossom are all woven with indigo yarns and are obviously not piece dyed. They yarns all all pre-treated so that they don't crock. All three fabrics are woven and printed in Japan, and those people don't play. The quality of the shirting they produce is always outstanding.
You can always get a return or exchange on anything you buy. No questions asked!
Glad you are able to notice the Portugal construction quality. We get a lot of flack about moving some shirting to Portugal but the quality from the factory we work with over there is incredible. They have been making only men's shirts for the last 50 years and it really shows.
We will be able to get all the pre-orders out by Friday and hoping to get all of the currently placed orders out by next Friday. We apologize for the delay. We made quite a few of these piece, considerably more than ever in the past. There is a lot of hand pressing to finish these coats and it is backing the factory up. In order to get jackets to us as quickly as possible they split the deliveries. Just to let you all know - they are looking phenomenal and I think you all...
Gents, We’ve received a number of requests to share our production schedule. We don’t want to completely spoil the surprise, so here’s a rough timetable that includes the release dates for our tried-and-true items and a few new extras for the month of October. October 10/1 - the Crater Shirt (Workshop) 10/6 - Vintage Jacks & Popovers 10/8 - Maritime Shirt Jacket (Workshop) 10/13 - Wash Denim Jacks 10/22 - New Work Oxford Jack and Rancourt Chukka (Workshop) 10/29 - Waxed...
Hey Steve, 38 sounds like your jam. A 36 would definitely be too small. The 36 equates closer to an XS in most brands. Please let us know if we can help out with anything else! Take good care, Mike
Happy to clear up the discussion regarding Army Oxford jacks and Workshop product in general shipping on in a timely manner, as @dtgsigns has pointed out. By the way, @lbrig thanks for speaking up, as you're spot on with what you said. We do plan our Tuesday re-releases of items that were previously Workshopped as in-stock items. Sometimes, as in this case, our factories don't deliver the product on time, as they should. In these cases, we often don't hear of the delay...
@calvane, we largely stick to an eight-week production schedule with our factories, but if we know that an item is going to take longer to make, we time the release accordingly. Not all the products we release can be made in eight weeks, so if an item needs extra time, we account for that.
@Klemins and @ASpec818, on fit in the arms - the sleeves should be anything but billowy, if we're doing it right. The higher armhole helps give the sleeve a tailored fit. Typically, as long as you're buying the shirt in a size that matches your chest circumference the sleeve should also fit tailored to the arm. If either of you want to talk about sizing, email us at contact@taylorstitch.com or give us a call. @rusticchasm, last year's Crater shirt was 8 oz cotton flannel...
Yoshiwa mills denim and jacket will be available on our website next week as Tuesday's release. Keep an eye on your email!
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