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It may have more HP in stock trim, but the EJ motors (the architecture for the WRX motors since forever ago) grenade too frequently if you start to tweak them. It's a shame they've really done nothing to update the STi for years now except to add weight.I'm not sold on the z06 aesthetics. They look very ricey IRL with tons of carbon bits and angles thrown about like an angry 13 year old designed it. Light colors exacerbate it. The new Viper, OTOH, has curves for days.
TBH, buy American if you just want fast. Nothing imported touches the ready-to-wear price/hp ratio like vettes, camaros, and mustangs.
My dentist friend just picked up a 991 Turbo S. What an insane car.
This is what the Evo/STi drivetrain comparison looks like. Engine tolerance: Evo >>>> STi Trans tolerance: STi 6 speed/Evo 5 speed>>> Evo 6 speed/Base WRX 5 speed Evo 9 all day if I were in the market for any of them.
I hope the Power Rangers movie is Rated R.
My brother who is an avid Star Wars nerd and toy collector just invited me to go to the 2017 Star Wars Celebration with him in Orlando. Has anyone been to one of these? Been to a Farscape con and a handful of anime cons but no Star Wars yet.
Star Trek Into Darkness is probably his best to date, but the rest have all been polished to the point of uninspiring. He doesn't take risks. TFA certainly took none (no, I don't think Han's fate was a risk) and typically paint-by-numbers. The next one being done by the Looper guy restores much of my faith. As far as diversity in movies, as movie-goers we certainly should expect story/character to come first. TFA got this backwards. Politics/social agenda demean...
Now that is a hot hatch indeed.
Here is an iphone pic of the new wheels. Will try and get something in the sunlight soon. Was cloudy as hell this weekend.
I don't think GTR maintenance is cheap... at least on the mod side of the equation, there is a serious tax on all parts GTR that is equivalent to the Porsche tax. The early model GTRs have had lots of transmission problems as well that make for a steep bill. Many guys will cross shop the 997 Turbo when looking at GTRs, FWIW.
New Posts  All Forums: