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Does money grow on trees in Houston? The only guy I know there owns a 458, dailies a RR, wife dailies an SL550, and just finished building a new house because the old one's wine cellar was substandard.
Luckily by the time I woke up (literally fell asleep watching Shanghai) my DVR had finished recording the Blancpain GT3 Endurance race. Much better. Does anyone watch Super GT? I've watched 3 recorded races so far - two from last year - and it's seriously the best wheel to wheel racing I've seen but it's hard to find it in English.
The most popular team in F1 won for the first time in years. Yeah it was a big day.
Really happy with the race on Sunday, if for nothing more than to hear Hamilton bitch like a girl to his engineers. It was a big day for F1. You could feel the seismic happiness emanating from Italy...
They're really different cars... turbocharged V8 RWD for the Merc, hybrid AWD for the NSX. For my money I'd go with the NSX as I don't think the GT is special enough, comparatively.
Nico got scared at the prospect of equal cars lulz.
I'm a clean PPI away from complementing the Supra with a FR-S. Time to focus on the driver mod with a more beginner friendly track platform.
Admittedly I enjoyed the Nico v. Hambone rivalry but wanted a lot more diversity in the constructors.
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