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Man, I'm with you on most things, but over on this side of the pond 99% of the MKIII Supras are in filthy condition and ratted to hell. Unless you have a garage and are very mechanically inclined, I'd stay far away. It's not that they were bad cars, although the 7M is a shit engine, it's that time and cheap owners have not been kind. It's a favorite project car for broke guys that want to say they have a Supra who cheap out on everything. We did not get the 1JZ over here...
HPDE this weekend with NASA at the new Dominion Raceway with the FR-S, and one with Chin Motorsports the week after at Summit Point with the Supra. Should have video for both. I've never seen such serious machinery signed up for a DE so should be a spectacle and I hope I'm not the slowest .
RX8 chassis stiffness is the bees knees, you can see it in the the transmission tunnel that bisects the middle of the car. Take care of the engine and redline it frequently and you're good.
Yeah I'll take the Focus RS over the Civic R. It's not new Prius territory but looks awful.
Another one from my favorite brewery, Maine Beer Company. A summer IPA.
Looks like a miata. Get it if you like it.
No stories is super hard cause they've all been stolen at least once . This one was last year, museum quality: http://hooniverse.com/2015/04/15/97-acura-integra-type-r-sells-for-43300/
Even with Brexit on that Thursday night, the volatility indices were crushed low the following week. This is more of a good reason to short the spike than try and go long.
Military coup unfolding in Turkey...
How many Bothans died to bring us this?
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