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Was out with a few Supra buddies on Sunday and then a Ferrari 308, DeTomaso Pantera GTS, and a Shelby pulled up beside us. We followed them to some parking lot in Potomac MD where their car club was meeting that might as well have been Shangri La. Bunch of other nice sports cars and exotics including a purple Diablo and 997 GT2. Nice surprise for our Sunday morning.
Thrift, find me a C's short shifter for a MKIV Supra in Japan
As a biased Toyota fan I'd go with any of their off-road models before I touched a Jeep. Maybe Wranglers are the exception (and I would not hesitate at a Viper), but Chrysler products are typically at the lowest end of the comparative quality and reliability spectrum.
Rotary 944 would kick ass. I see a fair amount of LS swaps into them these days, and then there's that one mad scientist in Texas who swapped a 1GZ V12 from Toyota into one.
Did you guys make out
Too many finance guys on this board. Let's talk about the plans / mods for the new whip? Blacked out tail lights coming first I presume.
It's moot now, but you should look into credit unions in the future. I took out a $30k loan at 1.9% over 5 years on the Supra (1995).
Glad to see some of you guys went. I think for a once-a-year visit I'd rather bet on the double header WEC and USCC races at COTA as the better race(s), but for this year you picked right.
You have a $20k budget for a street legal track car for HPDEs and Time Trials -- what do you choose?
Agree with HRoi that you should buy what you love. Life's short. You can always resell it.
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