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I'm not so sure about that. I think their faults are either bad engineering or they are purposefully engineered to break. There are many "high strung" engines that run like clockwork but they're coming out of Japan. The S2000 engine had the highest hp per litre record until the 458; it revs to the damn moon and never skips a beat. The 4G63 engine in the Evo and 2JZ GTE in the Supra are proven turbocharged platforms that take beatings and last forever.Engines are probably...
It's good that you like the handling and feel of the car already; power is the easiest thing to change with a turbo. If you ever feel like coming out to one of the local meets let me know, i'm generally at the Sterling meet on Friday nights with the Supra.
As a federal consultant you'll get to see first hand how incompetently your tax money gets spent!
I've always got the vibe that guys with weapons on walls are really looking forward to a break-in so that they can put them to good use and live out their melee combat dreams.
Also, what do you track?
Caddy CTS / ATS sedan/coupe, Audi S4/S5, MB C350 coupe (I think the four door looks like balls but the coupe rules). You could wait for the Jaguar XE.
A T-56 manual transmission (GM) mated to a 1UZ-FE (Toyota) is pretty sweet. The 1UZ was automatic transmission only, and so you have to custom build an adapter plate to get it to mate to a stick. Typically, people do R154 trannies (also Toyota). Never heard of a T56 swap which is a muuuuch better trans. Later in life I want to make a 1UZ Supra track car that's more or less got this guy's setup:
Score one for the good guys, TC. Glad you got a fair deal.
Of course I was only half-serious. It's a shame you can't touch the tuning since it's what makes boosted engines so great.
Alternatively, you could make friends with the dealership mechanic and have him turn up the turbo boost to get to you the hp/tq desired.
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