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So I drove that overpriced ZHP and think I'm going to buy it. The red one I tested last year drove like slop comparatively and the alcantara had been pretty shitted up. This silver one is perfect. Flawless interior, suspension and steering feel tight, no play in the shifter bushings, and some bigger maintenance items (front control arms and a new factory sound system) were documented done in the last few months. Still need to PPI it next week and get the shop's take on...
If there's one thing that solves turbo lag, it's a manual transmission. Just downshift! Slushbox turbo cars must be ghey.
Here come the turbosneers. Do critics see turbocharging as a short cut? A cheat code? There are so many things to love about turbo cars. They punch you in the face when you step on it and a little tuning lets you turn it up to eleven. I bet turbo haters don't vaccinate their kids.
All I've heard from my Deloitte Fed compatriots is that the work/life balance is total shit and they drive you like a dog and expect you to drink the cultural kool aid. Haven't heard that about BAH at all. They have a good reputation though. Maybe not as strong as it used to be (the split, I'd heard, was due to lots of staff bloat and dilution).
It's honestly a car-by-car basis, like, some used imports are total timebombs (engine / trans replacements) and some just nickel dime you here and there. I would argue that 10 year old cars are more predictable than new models because, with any time spent on the make/model forums, you have a wealth of history on common problems. For example, rear subframe issues and cooling systems on the car in question. It's really the new car buyers who bear the risk of unproven...
So to be honest the two primary things that attract me to the ZHP are cosmetic; the M-tech body kit and wheels, which I think makes it look a lot nicer than the typical 330. Also, for whatever arguable reasons, they are in fact holding value. Where there's a niche, there's security. It's a nice idea to be able to drive it for a few years and be able to recoup some costs. What I need to do is drive the 330ci and ZHP back to back. And the E92 328i coupe too.
Convertible with a rebuilt title, but I get your drift HRoi. Most M3s I'd bother with are north of 20k. In that range I'd prob grab an A5 3.2l anyway.
I wouldn't pay his asking price in a million years, if it even gets that far. But it's my favorite color combo and has no Alcantara, which wears like shit. You all know BMW owners are notorious for inflating asking prices by 20% :P. I'm torn on having an M3 as a daily, really. I could get one but not sure I want the added costs and overlap with the Supra.
Quite right. That's why all these professional car reviews are highly edited videos of people bombing them around open tracks. That dream is a hell of a lot more fun and saleable than a review done in traffic at 8:00 AM by a bleary eyed dude trying not to spill coffee on himself. Also, GreenFrog, prepare for boner. I'm going to check out this ZHP soon and give em another shot. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/cto/4863726260.html
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