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Well, fanboying M-cars is an easy thing to do since they're arguably the best compromise sports cars. It's not like you have people here exalting the X5 and 7 series.
Is that the new Mansory kit?
If you're going to buy a used Lamborghini, you have to get a V12. Grab the Murci while you still can - they will only go up in price.
I need suggestions on a modern, low profile platform bed similar to the Ligne Roset Peter Maly bed. They are used market only and I'm too lazy (for now) to travel for one. The only local example for sale is in a gross orange upholstery. Suggestions? Here is the Maly.
My company is hiring a Data Scientist, someone with a strong stats background, if anyone is interested. DC area, Federal Healthcare IT (Centers for Medicare Medicaid services) contractor mainly.
Get the ZHP if it drives well. I regret passing up that silver ZHP I posted a while ago. I ended up with an FR-S and while I may change my mind once I start tracking it, I'm still longing for the ZHP daily.
How do you like the KB1 RL? My mother's '96 3.5 RL just bit the dust and she's looking at the style you've got. I like that it's AWD for winters.
Got some Sony MDR-EX650 T the other day. The best sub $100 earbuds I've ever heard. Think they're Euro or Japanese market only or something. At home on my PC I have Sennheiser RS 180 (wireless) and they're great.
Too common to be much of an investment.
I think people care too much about mileage on E46 M3s because time cares not for age parts. Your 50k mile M3 will still have garbage bushings and seals because its 15 years old.
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