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Hey is this the thread where I can complain about season 2 of Mr Robot?
I think you mean
Yeah the new Yamaha R3 is a pretty sweet little bike. I dont know much about Mitsubshi other than nobody buys them and the CEO even commented "theres no good reason to buy our cars". And the Evo is discontinued.
Seriously that Pantera is all business! I'm not a huge American muscle guy not because of the engines but because of the bloated chassis of that era, and the Pantera solves that problem with flying colors. @ridethecliche it's funny you mention the honda V6 miatas - one of my miata friends was just telling me about potentially swapping one in. The near-term renaissance for Japanese sports cars has me kinda scared TBH. @ThriftVader can confirm/deny, but it seems that your...
Oh that's cool. I think I've seen one GT5-S in person (it was yellow and had the wing and flares) and it was totally stunning, mean looking. Big old carbureted Ford motors in the back of em so yeah it sounds like a mechanically simple beast.
Speaking of craigslist cars, the holy grail just showed up a few towns down. Would daily and thrash. Anyone have experience with Panteras? They are absolutely 70's big, this one especially. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/cto/5719889471.html
We're pretty used to it: https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/govbeat/wp/2013/08/28/all-your-suspicions-confirmed-washington-has-nations-worst-drivers/And it has everything to do with the area's zero-accountability mentality.
It's like an A7 had sex with a new Prius.
Good plan. Those were the two wheels came to mind when I thought about aftermarket Miata wheels. With such a light car you will definitely feel a difference if you can drop wheel and tire weight.
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