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That position today:
God I hate this.
If you like reliability, just turbocharge an AWD Matrix S.
Im with you on MU. I dont have position in it but think it's a strong long buy, question is where's the bottom. ICON too.
I thought the commies and socialists just won their election. I would think Spain being so leftist would want to remain in the EU than leave.
It was unexpectedly brutal today. Everything is blood red and the VIX went down 10% today? Come on. It felt like it was manipulated down. I still have a TVIX position but largely went into gold today.Be a fun day tomorrow too.
What the FUVX. I pussied out and sold my big UVXY position today when it started dropping hard EOD to 14.80 (I was still in the green from buying low last week). And now after hours it's trading up 12%. Garbage!
In short, they popped an intercooler pipe :P I too thought they could limp home, but guess not. Pretty complicated car with more interdependent systems that us plebs can likely imagine.
Aw man, they canceled the Viper. Sad to see it go, but not real surprised with how badly they butchered the marketing on the Gen 5. It solved the liveability issues of the previous gens but couldnt escape the reputation. Gen 5 is one of the best looking cars ever made in Detroit.
It would have been a horrible hold if it went Bremain. Like, down 40%.
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