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Love the SLS except its looks. Maybe it was in this thread earlier, but I've read that Benz built it from a half gestated next-gen (current gen, now) Viper design. The design DNA does look similar.
God the LFA is such a wonderfully oddball supercar. It's neither the fastest nor the lightest, has zero pedigree, and a price for performance ratio that had people scratching their heads. And yet the history and cost of its development (Japs only supercar had to be built from scratch with no prior exp and they lost a ton of $ per car sold), the insane rev speed, it's purported driving dynamics (didn't Clarkson say it was the GOAT?), low production, and that... fucking......
Yeah, 928 food for thought! http://jalopnik.com/the-928-is-everything-a-porsche-should-and-shouldnt-be-473740640
Apparently the new M3/4s respond exceedingly well to simple power modifications. 540+ HP on a tune and E85. You gotta love turbos. http://www.germanboost.com/content.php?5031-Over-500-whp-already-out-of-the-2015-BMW-F80-M3-Yep-BMS-JB4-tuned-S55-turbo-inline-6-ethanol-(E85)-testing-shows-539-wheel-horsepower
Stanford University has an online courses on Databases that I've found to be a good overview. That sells it short, actually. Their mini courses on SQL, XML, and Relational Algebra are pretty in-depth for a newbie, and then they have a bunch of mini-courses that go deeper into SQL. All free.
Recently got laid off and I'm really interested in making a switch to the Business Intelligence arena. Have spent the last 7 years managing proposals in the Federal IT/defense business development realm, so have no formal data credentials, but now find myself with lots of time to gain them , outside of direct work experience of course. I am taking the GMAT pretty soon and had my eyes set on a Masters Degree in BI or Analytics but ... that's a big investment. I'm now...
I'd reduce the tints rather than remove. Moderate tints are great for times you're parked in the sun, long day sunny drives... they do help preserve your interior.
HRoi, I was gonna say, you could get a top of the line BBK for the cost of those front rotors. But yeah that's the GT3 tax bracket for you. Worth the cost of admission though. As for the F80 M, that is ugly as sin. It has the proportions of a cross-over and too many angles strewn about. What on earth was the design philosophy on that exterior???
It's always more fun to drive slow cars fast than fast cars slow.
Malaysian co-pilot is definitely coming back, there's no way he'd purposefully leave this:
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