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And very very few cars ever used sequential twin turbos. Off the top of my head: the 4th gen Supra, 3rd gen RX7, and Porsche 959. They're pretty damn complex and in applications other than the Supra they weren't very reliable.
Piob have you looked at the Audi SQ5? Bit smaller than the GL but has a supercharged V6 and does 0-60 in 5.1.
Full disclaimer that I've never driven any of these models but have window shopped them a lot. The S2000 is bullet proof Honda reliability and likely makes mince meat of the other two in the handling department, but it supposedly feels gutless around town unless you're revving to 8k between stop lights. If you're willing to mod, and the S2000 drivetrain is very friendly to mods, supercharge it and never look back. Per the other two, given the cost of ownership for a used...
+rep dawg
Turbo tuneability seems to be the only reason to jump from an e9x to the newest m3/4. I don't see that many practical differences between the two beyond that. Per the earlier conversation re: BBS LMs, I agree they're a good looking and classic wheel, but think the Work VS-XX trumps it. And the mod community plays the fuck out of the LM.
The i8 starts at $140k USD while the Model S runs you 70-90k depending on battery. Don't think they're in very equivalent tax brackets or market segments.
Shit, that footage is from my home track Summit Point. You hear about animal incidents occasionally but mostly groundhogs. A deer is horrible luck.
Love the SLS except its looks. Maybe it was in this thread earlier, but I've read that Benz built it from a half gestated next-gen (current gen, now) Viper design. The design DNA does look similar.
God the LFA is such a wonderfully oddball supercar. It's neither the fastest nor the lightest, has zero pedigree, and a price for performance ratio that had people scratching their heads. And yet the history and cost of its development (Japs only supercar had to be built from scratch with no prior exp and they lost a ton of $ per car sold), the insane rev speed, it's purported driving dynamics (didn't Clarkson say it was the GOAT?), low production, and that... fucking......
Yeah, 928 food for thought! http://jalopnik.com/the-928-is-everything-a-porsche-should-and-shouldnt-be-473740640
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