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Bumping this from the dead because I've failed to convince my other groomsmen that we should buy our tuxes for my friends wedding in December in Philly. Buncha utilitarian engineering types... I'm looking for the nicest rental options but from what I can tell it's either: garbage or buy. Any Philadelphia area options that are a notch above?
I died a little at that stanced JZA80 Supra but then the Soarer redeemed it. HRoi hits it on the head - I was under the romantic ideal that stance hadn't invaded Japan as badly as it has here. Those are some quality cars tho.
I will never understand the appeal of garage queen performance cars. It's like dating a model and never boning her. I'm happy the dude is happy, but not my style.
Why are you guys disappointed with the 86? It's not perfect but I love mine. The rest of the car is so good that I'm willing to look beyond the engine. While the boxer sounds bad, runs rough, and makes less power than we'd all like, it at least keeps the CG low. We'll see about the new Supra whenever it gets released... I'm anticipating it'll be competitive in the ~60k range but not the complete beast of a car the MKIV turned out to be. Toyota doesn't have the balls...
Some released spy shots of whats presumably the MKV Supra. Camo makes it hard to judge but the silhouette looks good except for the slapped on front bumper/headlights and tail lights. The tail lights especially look like some wart growing out from the rear that I hope don't make it thru the testing. Link here: http://www.supramkv.com/threads/2018-2019-toyota-supra-first-prototype-spotted.358/
You drove one? I'm still a year out from considering an actual purchase but something like a C63 or an IS-F are high on my mind, both having autos, so a wash. I wonder how 'shiftable' those autos are.Hroi, definitely can't afford a C63 BS, but the CLK63 BS is more reasonable.
regular M4s with mild aftermarket tunes are making 500hp+. That is buffoonery. Returning the black series comment however, does anyone here have experience with the 08 CLK63 Black Series? Or even the '12+ C63 AMG (non-BS)? The forced induction AMG engines seem to be maintenance pigs but the N/A AMG stuff seems bulletproof. The cars mentioned are coming down in price and I can't seem to find a lot of heartache about them. The CLK63 BS would be super cool.
Time to buy Tesla?
Wait why is that m4 so expensive? Is it a significant improvement over the usual m4? Looks almost like a Black Series treatment
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