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Of course I was only half-serious. It's a shame you can't touch the tuning since it's what makes boosted engines so great.
Alternatively, you could make friends with the dealership mechanic and have him turn up the turbo boost to get to you the hp/tq desired.
Took the Supra from DC to Cape Cod for the week. Survived the f'ing hurricane that struck New York City on Sunday afternoon and thought I was going to lose the car thru a good mile of standing water after the GW bridge. Otherwise a decent drive! Sometime this week I'm going to do the Route 6 drive around the Cape that's supposed to be nice.
I gotta imagine that any LR speciality shop in the area has the requisite equipment. From a quick Google search, you might want to look into these guys:1) http://www.yelp.com/biz/british-unlimited-spring2) http://www.yelp.com/biz/motorcars-houston-8
There's a reason they call them stealerships. For anything that isn't covered under warranty you need to take a car to an independent shop and I don't mean Joe Schmo's Grease Garage. There are many top-notch indy shops that work on high priced cars all the time (especially performance shops) whose business model is entirely built on reputation and quality. These shops are typically enthusiasts as well and have way more flexibility than the stealerships.
Ugh, my popped out there. I couldn't just say he was getting a 4C and leave it at that.
My relative sold his Elise and has an Alfa 4C on order. Skinny techie type nerds always seem to love these types of cars. They throw lots of numbers at you should you ever bring up horsepower, when I think they should just admit it's more about identifying with a quick and quirky personality.
Speaking of the ZHP, after test driving an '05 coupe a few months ago my perception of the car as a driver's car has gone to complete dog shit vis-a-vis the cult hype it receives. I wanted to love it. Spent a lot of time on ZHPmafia thinking it'd be my next daily. The steering had a lot of play, the shifter felt like a noodle (and so did the clutch), and the suspension felt no different than most cars. It really dismayed me cause on the outside they look incredible and I...
And very very few cars ever used sequential twin turbos. Off the top of my head: the 4th gen Supra, 3rd gen RX7, and Porsche 959. They're pretty damn complex and in applications other than the Supra they weren't very reliable.
Piob have you looked at the Audi SQ5? Bit smaller than the GL but has a supercharged V6 and does 0-60 in 5.1.
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