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That green suit is the bollocks Will. Nice one.
Anyone know the best place to source some decent suiting materiel. My Tailor has nothing suitable at the moment. And really want a new suit making.
You are correct, but you try finding a Baracuta (not in the sale) from the Baracuta factory of website for under £70. You won't.
First black music i ever got into was Motown, Four Tops, Stylistics, The Elgars Loved it then and still do. First black song i remember hearing and knowing it was a black artist was Chuck Berry's My Ding-a-Ling. I think i was about 7 or 8. Loved that song, Chuck Berry was awsome.
I appreciate where you are coming from. But not all late 70s and 80s Skinheads were into the look you portrayed. Some, well quite a lot were into the traditional Skinhead style. And politics didn't do anything at all for me in those days.
But these combs were made of Aluminium if i remeber correctly and were really cheap. Some had a point/handle on the end which was also sharpened. The comb itself if the edges of the prongs were sharpened it became a great slashing tool but as it was prongs it became a really nasty cut/slash almost like a gratter. I remember a lad at football had a nice scar on his cheak that was done with one. It wasn't a neat scar at all.Also if you were caught by the OB with one you...
I was stabbed in my leg in the early 80s. I had just left the pub, on my own and three fellas confronted me, it got a bit heated and because i stuck one on one of them and he didn't want to know, one of his mates pulled a knife and stabbed my in my upper thigh. A couple of my mates saw what was going on and came running to help, and one of them eneded up being thrown through a shop window nearly severing his ear. Not long before the OB came, i couldn't run and got nicked...
I like them too and wear them quite a bit these days. But people constantly say they were boots for girls and early skinheads never wore them. Of course i know that isn't the case.
A few pairs of supposedly girlie Monkey Boots being worn by lads in those pictures.
Interesting point that Noddy Holder states in that clip that Skinheads started out in the midlands and not London. Must say its not the first time i have heard that.
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