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I have a brown Suede one with an old 60/70s C&A label in. Fits like a glove, in a Levi style. I do wear it occasionally. But would rather have a nice Levi one. But as im a 44 chest, they are like rocking horse shit. But if i did see one at fairly reasonable money id buy it. Untill then i'll stick with my C&A rip off.
This looks from the late 70s going by the double door bus. Also some later aspects of clothing shown.
At 12 seconds Roy. Geezer with the Tache, bit rare for a london skinhead to have a tache in those days wern't it?
I dont believe that is a leather jacket, unless its a leather Harrington. If you blow the picture up you can see its a Harrington Jacket with the collar folded down.
These are Charlton Lads. This was posted on the old UK Skinheads site. Someone (Tom McCourt i think) said he knew one of the fellas and that it was Definatly Charlton Skinheads. I have seen it posted on a few sites before.
Was Cow Horn Handlebars around then? The first time i remember seeing them was about 73/4. Not saying they wern't around before that, but i dont think i saw them.
Although i always believed the double soled shoes were to give the shoes a more chunkier look rather than height. Was this the case in the 60/70s?
I have been having my shoes double soled since the late 70s, Brogues, Crossovers and Norwegians. My brothers used to do this in the sixties and 70s before platforms were the fashion. I have never thought that it might be possible the double soled shoes might have been the forerunner to platform shoes. Makes sense come to think of it.
They look great. Id be interested in rough prices too. How much for a suit. Do they have decent suiting fabric?
Totally agree, nothing worse than someone wearing a suit, or any other item of clothing for that matter if it doesn't fit correctly. You see so many people at do's these days with crombies' that the sleeves are too long. Take them to the tailor and get them done. Same with suits if they are off the peg, which i doubt Wills are, Get them sorted out. I have bought off the peg suits, but have to take them to the tailors to get them taken up on the sleeves correctly, as even a...
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