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If your reffering to The Never in Bristol". Chris Brown is on here from Bristol who wrote the Bovver book.On the note of Monkey/surfer jackets, we always reffered to them as Bomber jackets. It was only later we realised that the bomber jacket was the early flight jackets that had a similar, if only slightly, design. Any zip up jacket without a collar was reffered to as a bomber jacket around our way growing up.
Savile Row do nice Oxford cloth shirts. But dont have a sewn in pleat. Always go a size lower though as they come up big.
Your not quite correct there mate. The M-51 is both a parka and there is also a M-51 field jacket. The 51 i believe was is attributed to the Korean war. Then there is the M-65 which is Vietnam war issue. The main difference (parkawise) The M-51 has eppilettes and the hood is attatched. It also has a thicker liner which is made(I believe) of lambs wool. The M-65 has an a hood that unbuttons, no eppilettes and the liner is much thinner and is made more like terry...
When i was young our estate often mobbed up against the neighboring ones. It wern't knives and guns like today. But broom handles and dustbin lids as shields. And occasional catapult with ballbearings. Anyone who had a knife was told to leave it at home, that was serious tuff.Brings back many happy evenings. And a couple of not so happy ones.
We still used to do that in the 70s mate. I still have a gas mask bag at home that i use occasionally.
I occasionally see people at do's wearing cravats these days. But to me they look a bit effeminate. Surely more of a Mod look. I can't see how it would fit in with a skinhead look at all.
I used to wear an Anorak like that in the late 60s. It was my play coat. Clearly remember it for some reason. Navy blue in colour, i actually liked it as it was warm but light. My older sister used to wear them too when she was a Mod in the early 60s. Just saying.Id say this picture was from late 60s. Looking at some of the clothes. Remember just because some clothes were worn earlier doesn't nessasarily mean they still wern't wearing them 5 years later still. Especially...
Must admit Will i thought it was a double breasted one, hence my question. But it does like only one set of buttons. Were the buttons moved MoM as it does look like it overlaps somewhat.
Were double breasted Sheepskins worn in the day? Not keen on them myself, much prefer a single breasted one.I have a light brown one with white fur and a dark brown one with dark brown fur. Lovely and warm in this weather. As long as it doesn't rain.
Is this you MoM?
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