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Bleached jeans were around in the earlier days you know. It wasnt just a BONEHEAD thing.
I repeat not all revival skinhead were of the punk variety. I know and knew many who were just as smart as any skinhead pictures i have seen from the 60s. I also have met some people who still claim to be skinheads from the original days who clearly have no idea how to dress smart. Its all genralisation. I have also seen some very smart and pretty sorts from the late 70s who dressed immacutely.
Bletsoe is in Northamptonshire and was a big soul venue from the early 60s along with Kelmarsh, The Tin Hat in Kettering and The Shades in Northampton . All big soul places in thouse days along with many others in the area. Everyone bangs on about Wigan and the Twisted Wheel ect. But Northampton had as big a scene as those venues but started earlier. Mostly i suspect due to the American air bases close by.
He apparantly coined the term Northern Soul in the press. But the tunes he talks about were played a good couple of years before further south than he claims.
Thats like saying all 60s skinheads were smart. But we all know they wern't, far from it.
You are right about being disrespectful and fair play to you for not giving the Elderly Gentleman a dig. Some of these people who claim to have been around in the day havn;t got much of a clue and just because they wore boots and had a skinhead haircut for ten minutes in the late sixties seem to think they are some sort of skinhead historian. Its the same with the revival period, just because they had a Specials record and a harrington they seem to believe they were...
Not all revival skinheads dressed like idiots.
Brut by Faberge was around in the early sixties in green Glass bottle with the silver medalion around it. It was in the late sixties that they began a line of Brut 33 which was diluted as you say. The early Brut was considered at the time a classy aftershave. Only later with the 33 was it a downmarket product.
My mistake Chris.
Thats young Jed at the bottom from Close Shave.
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