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Geezer at the front in the first picture looks like Gordon Banks the goalkeeper.Great pictures.
I have a nice Aquascutum one.But i have also seen some cheaper but very nice ones in TK maxx. Always worth a look. They do some nice covert/crombie style coats too for less than £100.00.
1. Fav colour Levi Sta Prest. Off white or navy Blue for me.2. Fave shirt. Jon Wood royal blue long sleeved button down with white stitching. Lovely shirt.3. Fave jacket. Brown Levi Cord jacket.
Just heard that Harry Zepahaniah Johnson died today. Better know as Harry J from Harry J Allstars and Reggae Record Producer. Died of a heart attack. Loads of former Reggae and Soul Artists passing lately.
Invented by racists? are you for real.
Yeah, but what about when you wern't around them.
It was a summer look. I have some pictures of my brother in similar style from about 1971.
.Exactly. Id have thought everyone would know it was a tongue in cheek comment.Anyone with any sense knows that in genral, society was racist in those days. No one thought anything of calling an Asian a P*** or a Caribian a N*****. Not something people do these days and it is frowned apon and quite rightly so. But i bet all of you originals and most people on here, Hand on heart have used those words in the past. Id call you a liar if you havn't as it was common language...
Can't be, everyone knows that ORIGINAL Skinheads wern't racist.
Id be interested in knowing what year this was. Looks early to me, but as Flyfronted has probably seen. Not a smart dresser amongst them.If you wern't around in the skinhead cirlcles in late 70s early 80s then you couldnt possibly say there were no smart skinheads around and that they were all scruffy. I have seen my fair share of scruffy skinheads from the early days. But i wouldnt be so anal as to say that all early skinheads were scruffy.
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