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Regarding what you are saying re football violence and skinhead gangs ect it was the same, dare i say maybe worse in the late 70s and 80s, when argually football violence was at it height and was taken to the extreme. There was deaths at football in the 80s. I dont recall ever hearing or reading about any deaths due to football violence in the 60s. Before you say i wasnt there, i was partly around it. I was born in 1963 and both my brothers were skinheads in the 60s and...
Yes i watched it Mike. Always liked Rod Stewart and The Faces.
I agree about the state of the people who get along to the later Margate event (Big 40 i believe its called) and the Brighton event which is supposed to be a reunion thing.But i dont agree that all present day skinheads and so called revivalists have got the look wrong. If you was at the Scorcher event last weekend you would have seen many very well turned out skinheads, both men and women. Maybe you should get yourself along to a Scorcher or Sounds and Pressure do. You...
I think thats most of us Will.
I like that. Brilliant.
He was a well known Angel from South London. He was also an ex Mod would you believe. He was a nice fella.
We used to wear football crests on our blazers.
Personally i like them. I find them really comfortable to wear and look fairly smart-ish. I rarely wear DMs these days as i can't be bothered to lace the bloody things. So monkey boots fit the bill for me, saying that i have been wearing them on and off since i was a child. Some people like to slate them, but i have worn them to daytime events before and no one has ever said anything to my face.Each to their own i say.My brothers say they used to wear them in the day...
Doh, Didn't see that.
Yes you had to put two holes in for it to pour. Air had to come into the can to allow the beer out. Foul stuff, but it was cheap and we all drank it. It was also cool to have the little red barrel key ring on your house key too. Anyone remember them.Talking of gold sta prest. I seem to remember having some very smart trousers as a young un and they were like a gold bronze colour. I used to wear them with monkey boots, thought i was the bees knees. I must have been about...
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