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When you say zips around the waist, do you mean the zipper side adjusters. I was talking to Roy quite a while ago on another forum and was trying to explain these. No one else seemed to know what i was talking about.
Just going by what he told me. Not claiming to know the bloke. I was introduced to him in a pub near SB. Others were talking about the old days. I mentioned about he must be about 60, he said "plus a couple" and laughed. I didnt ask any more. I took that as him being about 62.I do however agree that the clips and pictures i have seen of him, he does look quite a bit older than most skinheads of the time.He did mentioned that he still gets active if he gets the chance at...
No idea mate.I like the colour myself. I have a combat one in that colour. Personally i wear it casually with jeans.
Our Steve has a pair identical to the top ones Mike. They are lovely shoes.I have a pair similar to the bottom ones. I rarely wear them as they dont really suit my style if you get my meaning. I like them though with the right attire.
Eccles is 62 now i believe. As i mentioned he must be at leat 60 now and he said plus a couple. Still loves Chelsea and when i mentioned that hes a bit of a legend on skinhead forums he said he was a Skinhead for no more than 2 years. He also said he still gets harrassed by the OB at SB.
That is Danny Arkins. I met him at Stamford Bridge earlier this year. Alas i didnt have my phone with me to get a picture.
Of course the template was set. But you dont see original mods puting down skinhead as not being original do you? Our time was an extention to what your time had began from the continuation of Mod. In some cases we exagerated it further, as you guys did from Mod.In Northampton we had skinheads up to about 1974, like some other parts of the country. So it was very fresh in our minds when we took to the healm. Im sure no one on here can say they was THE original skinhead. So...
Agreed, great days. Heysel naffed it up for everyone though.
Oh and i know im not young.
Fair enough mate. I have no doubt that the original times were fresh and i wish in some ways i had experienced it fully. But i do get tired of some of the originals (for want of a better word) saying that it was always great and anything else is a very poor comparison. We had our time and i for one wouldn't change any of it.I appreciate that this topic is about the original skinhead days. But some think skinhead ended in 1970. It obviously didnt.
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