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I don't even relate those people as Skinheads. Just scruffy punks IMO.
Yes if they arn't patch pockets a ticket pocket is essential Roy.I have seen the football badge on a few present day Skinheads on Crombies and Blazers. When i was a lad i remember the Skinheads like my brother and my brother in law had football crests on their crombies and blazers. My Brother who's a Leeds supporter (where that came from i have no idea) still wears an old leeds crest on one of his crombies. It must be a more Nothern thing as it was very popular up here in...
I have a black blazer with three gold buttons. Centre vent. Looks the nuts.Do you ever remember a football patch ever worn on the pocket, or even under the pocket on a crombie. Or was this more a northern thing Roy.
Cheers Roy.
Anyone know the best place to get Levi 1947 or 1955s. Looked at the American Classics that Roy mentioned but no prices. I know they are a bit of a wedge, don't mind paying but want to know wheres best. Thanks.
The leather is all different these days Roy. I remember the leather on DMs used to be really supple. Last pair i bought in about 2002 are still fairly stiff in the ankle area. Older ones used to be like an old leather jacket after a couple of months in the ankle area. Thats why people will pay a fortune for vintage boots Roy.
Agreed. Boneheads are just bald punks as far as im concerned but with mostly right wing leanings..
Choco not all late 70s early 80s Skinheads were boneheads.
So it shows that people saw/recollect things differently. Roy says he remembers seeing skinheads with braces over their jumpers. I have seen loads of pictures confirming this too. But others say it wasn't done. I stand by what Roy says. That in those days the braces was seen as the focus of a skinhead along with the boots and youths would like to have them seen. Might be a younger thing, but wasn't skinhead a young thing in those days. Unlike today.
I normally only wear braces with a suit these days. Very rarely with jeans. I prefer a nice snakebelt with jeans. Looks nicer. Im not into the short jeans, DMs and braces look at my age (47). Ankle height for my jeans is just about right. Nothing worse than very short jeans on a middle aged man.
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