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Mathew this thread is not about politics mate.But in answer to your question SHARP is American so not really relevant anyway.
I think it would have been 70/71 i suppose. Maybe a touch later. But skinheads stayed around longer in the Midlands unlike London. I know she had some suits made aswell as dresses, short sleeved with round collars. I remeber she has a light blue'gold one which was nice. I will have to contact her to get some pictures of her and her ex BF. But havn't really spoken to her for a few years.
Cheers Noddy.
Pinafore dresses were like Queenie describes. Straightish dresses with like straps over the shoulders. Usually worn with a shirt or blouse underneath. I will see if i can find a picture. These are modern pictures and don't shot the skirt area. But hopefully you will get what i mean.
My sister and her best mate always thought of themselves as Skinheads, even though they didn't nessasarily have a skinhead haircut. It was more like a feather cut that Bowie had. Shortish on top but longer at the sides and back, but certainly not like some girls you see these days. Some of them didn't even have hairstyles that remotely was skinhead. But as long as they wore the clothes they were accepted. Plus they wore pinafore dresses or suits when going out at night. In...
Thats definatly a 60 picture. You can tell by the fit of the girls jeans. Also the girls shirt. No skinheads in the 70s would wear a shirt like that. I d say that picture is very early skinhead i.e. 67/68.As for girls wearing the gear. My sister used to wear her boyfriends shirts originally. Before going all out and getting suits made and dresses ect. She also used to sometimes wear her boyfriends harrington and monkey jackets.We always called the girls "Sorts" round here...
I have a nice Aquascutum one. Wouldn't say that was cheap mate. But i know what you mean. Suppose they were more accesable those days.
Talking of overcoats, what about the raincoat. Of course it was as popular as the crombie or sheepskin but it was worn. By Mods and Skinheads. Normally fly fronted three quarter length, colours beige, navy or tonic materiel. Never of course macintosh style. Anyone else?
I have sometimes used a tie stud or descreet pin badge to stop my scarf from slipping.
The silk scarves do keep you suprisingly warm. Some of them have wool one side silk the other too. So they are warm anyway. But the pure silk ones are warn too. You wouldn't think so but they are, plus they look great too.
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