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Welcome to the site Alan.
The ruperts were made by Evvaprest. Same style as sta prest but with a cheque patern. Other makers would have made them aswell i believe Brutus made some too but the quality was poor apparantly. Although they are sought after now. Probably because not many pairs survived.
Is that the one where Best put Six past us. 8-2 i think the score was. Our biggest ever loss.
They are baseball boots that were very popular in the UK in the early 70s. I iused to wear them to knock around in the summer time. Not skinhead gear though. Although in the early 80s some skinheads around our way used to wear them, again in summer time. Just a phase thing i suppose and a very short lived one.
That was taken at the same time as the famous Chelsea Christmas Card. They are all the same people and wearing the same clothes.
Look like beige jeans to me.
I appeciate this is an old post. But what an illinformed idiot you are.Yes of course there are racists Skinheads around. But the large majority are not racist and indeed have no interest in politicas at all.I also know some long serving forces personel who have served in war zones. And are proud of being Skinheads as well as being ex Navy and Army.
1st i have ever heard about shirt cuffs not being shown when wearing a suit. I would feel like i was inapropriately dressed if i wore a suit and my shirt cuffs WERN'T visable. I think it looks scruffy with them not showing. Regarding that fella above. The suit doesn't fit right at all, trousers too narrow, jacket too short. Looks also like he's slept on his mates sofa.
Most of those japenese fellas seem to dress better that the majority of British blokes around at the moment.Met Jun a few times, a really nice fella who is always well turned out. Owns a nice skelly too.
I have a suede one. But alas its not a Levi one. Same details and looks like a Levi. Still nice though and fits me perfect. But i would like Levi one, and yes a leather one would be lovely. But im pretty sure Levi don't make the Leather ones anymore and even second hand ones i have seen over the past few years have fetched a good few hundred pounds. Will sold one on ebay a few weeks ago, it was in quite poor condition to be honest but it still fetched a couple of hundred.
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