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I like them. Like you say not Skinhead style. But very nice all the same.Look like a pair of Trickers i have. Might go to my local TKMaxx to see if they have any here.
What's the link mate. I haven trying to find the user name but can't? Nice shirt. I'm looking for a yellow one and a turquoise one.
That looks like Brenda a London skinheadgirl from the 80s in the long skirt. Defiantly revival.
That article is from 2010 so hes 56/7 now. Mark is well known on the scene and a decent bloke.
Some of those trousers and jeans look a bit short. I didnt realise they wore them that short in those days. Always believed and remembered them being more subtle.Great clip, always nice to see how some of the originals that we have all seen in film have turned out.
Liquidator didnt come out untill 1969.
For some reason every time i make a post it goes on twice. Annoying|
Nice intelligent post there. Well done.
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