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Gianfranco Bommezzadri.
I must have bought all the saner colors the last I was there 6 mths ago...During my travels last week, I purchased a few tins of Saphir cream. It is not their squarish glass bottles but short cylindrical glass bottles. I do not see a stark difference between these creams and the ones that are usually advertised around here. The price difference is at least 4 to 1.
Tang--do you know that Knightsbridge Hourglass carries Saphir? I think they have everything except the Renovateur. If you are ordering the Renovateur, please count me in. Thank you!
Gravati captoe Alto Milano Herringbone Chino
Lobb city iis are not as good as people say it is. The leather is fine, and sure, it stands on a high pedestal. But Gravatis are better made in my opinion, even without the GY welting. To start, Gravatis all have full leather insole, while the City iis is only half insoled. If one is to look at the stitching closely on Lobbs, it leaves much to be desired. But the stitching on the Gravatis I have and have seen are consistent and really nicely done. Go for Lobb if you want...
Dore-Dore C&J
Gallo Berluti
Is there a reason for Zegna wool blazers to be priced at $2000 and beyond? Historically, has that been the price bracket? The fabric is possibly the best I have seen but the price is stratospheric. They also tend to fit me very well for the RTW--unfortunately for my pocket! I would go for Zegna but do note that the fabric while superb is frail for everyday wear.
This is their vol.5, and so it has just as comprehensive and it reports on the latest models from all the famous makers.
I just received the latest issue of Men's Ex (11.15.2011) and it is a special issue on Shoes. Thought it might be helpful to pass this info along. A very good issue. Wished my Japanese was better.
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