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hi guys,,, Perfect diet tracker is the one that i used.I find it quite suitable to keep a check over my diet.It tells me the protein count,Fats and other nutrients.In addition to this it automatically generates a number of charts relating to different diets that suits you.
hi guys,,, Running is basically a gait in which at regular points during the running cycle both feet are off the ground.Regarding your question different people answer you in different way but from my point of you the last time i run was almost a month ago.
hi guys,,, It depends a lot on your physique.If you want to burn fats it is essential for you to make a routine of at least two hours per day.If your purpose is just to keep yourself fit and health i think that an hour session per day is more than enough.
hi guys,,, I can't clearly have an understanding of your question.Yes is the most important thing for the health,It mobilizes the whole body and keeps a person active for the rest of the part of the day.
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