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Judging by previous posts it seems that you don´t need to size up when buying one of their winter coats. But which size to go for if I´m a EUR 46 in Napoli (they say that Napoli larger that the other suits)?
I just noticed they have an online shirt configurator: Pretty neat but I wish there were more fabrics to choose from.
I agree with you on the shirts. Earlier I´ve bought a white suit-up line shirt and was very un-impressed by the collar and fabric in general. Not long ago I bought their base line shirt just to test it and I´m really impressed. The fabric is good and the collar is amazing. The only downside is the quite boring plastic buttons.
Very nice. I wore the same suit myself today.
It´s supposed to be like that.
Seems the Hudson cut is also new.
[[SPOILER]] Contrary to other posters I don't think it looks big on you (though you shirt does look a little big in the neck).Shorten the pants, shorten the sleeves 1-1.5cm and, if you want, let the tailor remove the rippling on the back. All in all, not too bad for of the rack.
I'd say it is risky to go as you don't know what's in the store beforehand. I drove there once and was massively dissapointed. Practically nothing had a lowered price, nearly all suits were normal price and they only had the staples in there. 80% were grey Napoli suits.They had a few sportcoats with lowered price that looked nice but sizes were either very small or very big.Perhaps I was just unlucky in terms of timing. I went there a Saturday 3-4 months ago.
What is the fabric weight like? Good for summer or autumn?I assume there is no synthetic fibers in the blend?
Yes, it´s grosgrain (it´s black, shiny and slightly ribbed fabric) on the lapels, at least for the black tux (don´t know about the midnight blue one).
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