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Sending you a PM!
I assume it has a hood since there are zips on the back of the collar?
What is the difference between "Woolrich" and "Woolrich Woolen Mills"? As I see nothing that is posted in this thread on Woolrich.com Is WWM the more fashion forward division of the Woolrich brand, or are they completely separate? Sorry if this has been answered before... I searched the thread but had no luck.
Are vintage B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarer's, model 5024, any better than the current production models? I have a pair that was passed down from my dad, who got them on his honeymoon in '82. Not mine, but they look the same:
Quote: Originally Posted by euPho SNS DVN Trickers I want to love this, because it is awesome! But there's something about it that just irks me. Maybe it's the super clean white boots? If they were more broke in, maybe I would feel differently. Post a picture with another/different pair of boots!
Quote: Originally Posted by y7bbb6 here's my post from a while back. they turned out pretty damn odd after some wear. i wouldn't recommend it. This is amazing! Exactly which product did you use? I would like to do this at some point...
Quote: Originally Posted by eglbc Halp/ So ive been attempting to help my lady find her style, via sending her a ton of blogs, buying a couple odds n ends, and pointing out things i think would look good on her. Shes into fashion/style blogs but doesnt wear any of it. She earn$ but doesnt want to spend, which is good, but i feel like she could still go the affordable route and still come out on top. How do i not be an ass and try to dress her, but...
It's not a trench, but would work for your "technical", light, and waterproof requirements. Patagonia for APOLIS "Torrentshell" rain jacket:
Quote: Originally Posted by SemiStylish Got my black Jamaican Suedes in yesterday and they are awesome. I also have the dark brown suedes, which fit much looser than the blacks for some reason. I wear size 10.5 in running, gym,dress shoes, and the 10.5 Clarks fit me good. They are a *little* long in the toe area, but its better than being tight on the sides of the foot, IMO. Anything smaller than 10.5 and they are too tight on the sides of my feet....
Quote: Originally Posted by modernART 91 consecutive days of wear (3 months): http://www.withoutwash.com/2011/04/week-13-review/ Those are turning out really well. I like how your wallet/card holder (right?) is leaving a fade in the back pocket... might be ordering some of these. Can't really go wrong at $80...
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