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Also have this one: http://www.sunspel.com/row/mens/polo-shirts/long-sleeve-riviera-polo-shirt-navy.html Great to wear as a standalone with jeans or chinos. Nice with a more casual jacket. Not as good under a suit jacket as the PJ. Same fabric as the short-sleeved riviera, so likely will last a while.
+1!Have yet to wear mine. Now that the weathers warmed up, I might bring it out...
Horses for courses, Foxy; I actually like the slight blousiness of this one, as for some strange reason, my clothes seem to shrink with each passing year (-: Length is good. Sleeve length too. Vast improvement over the Alpha and the Cockpit. Knits are wool and lining is cotton, which beats the polyester crap hands down. Eager to see how the Kelso and the Aero compare. Have a hunch that these are way slimmer, and frankly, I hope they're not tooooo slim.
Gibson Barnes in mahogany horsehide.
+ 1 on Double Monk.Got a pair of Islays from them this week; pretty good with the pricing. AND no need to worry about intl shipping.
I plead the fifth (is there an equivalent here?)
Just got my Gibson Barnes A-2 in mahogany horsehide. Brief summary: near perfect fit, beautiful leather, real cotton lining and wool knits, collar stand gives the collar a pleading look, waaaay better in terms of quality and fabric than my Cockpit USA A-2. Love it!! And this confirms to me that with US m'facturers, you must size down if you eschew the blousiness. At 175cm (regular) and with a 38' chest (medium), I had to go down to size 36 short for the fit I...
Hey PapaR, great story!!! Congrats on the RJ suit.
Bah!Hungry Jacks FTW!
Chuckle... Next time I feel like watching a punch up between DR and JH, I'll just buy another pair of shoes.
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