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Depends... If I'm going to layer with wool jumpers and the like, I prefer the beige. If not (Spring to Autumn), I'll go with the navy.
Thanks mate. As for the roundhouse, I'm more of a kick-low-and-collapse-the-knee-joint kind of guy (-: Notice how fitted the jacket is? The beige made-in-turkey version is much blousier, so that it looks like a completely different garment.
Persol Baracuta Uniqlo Denham
Cockpit USA jackets seem like a good deal, Fox.Any experience?
Thanks for the heads up; will check these out!So hard to find good sub 1K leather jackets here )-:
Speaking of Baracutas, if you can, try to get the Made in Turkey ones (there's still a few at Henry Bucks), which fit more like a traditional Harrington should (slightly lousy and drapery); not the new-gen Made in England models, which are too slim, and sport the el cheapo synthetic lining previously referred to by Fred. How slim? Tight enough that at your true size, you cannot wear anything more than a light tee beneath.Quite disappointing as it reverts to a Spring-only...
Anyone know if a leather jacket can be shortened? And who in Sydney could do it well?
Shorter-length Fox brollyHB navy crew neckHad to restrain myself wrt the ties; I have too many ties, or so I keep reminding myself.
That guy? Took care of him with my Sig Sauer .45! Nice threads though...
This one was exactly the same as their current stock... Just the wrong price tag (-:Will compare it to the dark navy when it arrives...
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