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^ Like I said: make mine Aero!
Hey Fox, how long more till the TOJs land?Ironically, I'm still waiting on the Kelso, which I ordered before the Aero.And being a top sucker for punishment, I have just ordered the Aero 38-1711-P in russet horsehide. Apparently, it's a repro of a pre-WWII jacket, and therefore their trimmest model. Reckon it'll be Feb before I get it.Meanwhile the Aero A1 has become my favourite leather jacket. And the fit is so good that the G&B now feels extra baggy. Customer service at...
Just in time for the scorching weather
Pics of the Aero as promised: [[SPOILER]]
No frills fit pic, better ones to come this Sat. On the whole, the Aero is a nice, high quality garment. More fitted than the Gibson Barnes A2. Higher arm holes as well. That said, the fit of the A1 (or A2) is such that you will never have a really slim cut because of the waist pockets. If slim is what you're after, a cafe racer-style motorcycle jacket is probably the way to go. My Schott 641HH is veeery fitted.
Sorry to hear that it was a letdown.Strange they don't have pleated chinos any more. I have 2 from BB, one purchased at DJs, the other, a tan linen one, from Martin Place. Might have run out )-:Also saw a pair of brown oxfords by Peale, but that might be gone too.
Think you'll like it. Decent range from casual to dressy; lotsa suits, jackets, pants, MTM option, shoes by Peale & Co, pool table...Enjoy.
After about 2.5 months, the Aero has finally landed: pics to follow soon...
When the master tailor points at the moon, what do you see, young one? His heroically unbuttoned surgeon's cuff... Or the moon?
Actually, I'm a Lean Practitioner / Consultant, and have been so for almost 17 years,I repeat: I've never had any problems whatsoever with regard to how I dress .Perhaps you guys are overthinking this a tad bit? This is 'Straya after all, and for good or bad, most people don't give a toss what you wear.Now, which footy/ rugby/ cricket team you support... That's a different matter (-:That said, I do tend to dial my level of formality up or down depending on the client in...
New Posts  All Forums: