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Another shot to emphasise the lovely brown hues...
Kazuna sport jacket. Drago S150 glen check in a light shade of cocoa. Soft shoulders; half lined; patch hip pockets; peak lapels inspired by the Canali Kei block... First shot is more accurate in terms of colour...
Kazuna MTO wallet in grazed pigskin
They get you too, GF?
Rather dialled in today, aren't we?
Check out Kazuna's knits; $80 or so - beautifully made.http://www.kazuna.com.au/products/#/neckties-and-pocket-sq/His showroom's on L2 at 90 Pitt St.
Having dealt with Aero before, I can assure you that you're in good hands. Their customer service is excellent and they deliver to schedule (3 months roughly).The jackets are pretty good too
P Johnson DB in navy houndstooth Canonico
So 'Brown is for Farmer' is now passé?
P Johnson DB in Canonico navy houndstooth
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