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Carmina balmoral boot; black calf; Forest last
Financial sector is definitely getting more aware of #menswear footwear. I've already been complimented twice on my Islays and had conversations about Saphir, C&J and Carmina, in a space of about 2 months... Go figure.
Nathan Baxter is the real deal. He's a trained cordwainer. Refurbished a couple of my C&Js, and even does St Crispins as well. Highly recommended.
Pfft... Just chain the unbreakable umbrella to your wrist. Two birds with one stone.
http://unbreakableumbrella.comThank me later 👍🏻
The green machine on a Hirsch leather strap... You're right Coxie, I'm loving this watch!
Hey... Great minds think alike! (I prefer this to the alternative)Have actually been eyeing this for a while, but there was always something else to acquire.Finally pulled the trigger 👍🏻P.s. I hear the strap is the only negative about the watch... Did you swap yours out? Think I'll go with something from Hirsch if I don't like the look of it.
Waiting for this to arrive... Seiko Alpinist auto from
In other news, Kaz is currently in talks with his leather supplier wrt MTO leather briefcases. I've seen the proposed design and its a thing of beauty.
Lie Coxie said, it's a beautiful shoe.
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