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P Johnson DB in navy houndstooth Canonico
So 'Brown is for Farmer' is now passé?
P Johnson DB in Canonico navy houndstooth
The PJ DB is awesome! Glad I waited (was very tempted by the Bale DBs too) the 6 weeks it took...
P Johnson DB in Canonico navy micro-houndstooth.
Hear P Johnson is opening a showroom next to Suit Shop in the Strand. Add Double Monk, Oscar Hunt, and Su Su to the mix and Sydney becomes a very dangerous place to bring your wallet.
Thanks mate!
Canali linen jacket for a gorgeous spring day...
I've actually been quite impressed by Canali's offerings of late; especially their peak lapelled jackets... Superb roll.
Speaking of Martin Place, I popped into Canali on Monday just to have a browse, and ended up with a dent in my wallet, and an unstructured Kei sport jacket in a blue-grey linen houndstooth fabric. Then the warm weather vanished...
New Posts  All Forums: