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In other words, business as usual...
I know, mate. And that's my point. While it's good to listen to the advice of the collective, sooner or later, you have to make up your own mind. Too often, we SFers get caught up in groupthink to the point we don't necessarily make the optimal choices, i.e. the ones that suit us, and not others. Trust me, I've been here since 08 and nothing much has changed (-:
Can't please everyone, wurger. If you like it, wear it. Life's too short for opinions to get in the way (-: And BTW, I'd say boots are ideal. Not cos-playish army boots, but maybe chukkas or chelseas, or maybe something in dark suede for contrast. Most of all, wear your dad-jacket with swagger, like you don't really give a hoot what anyone thinks (you should not) That's the difference between wearing something and letting it wear you.
Still waiting for 2 of my dad-jackets...
That's why I try to avoid the whole thing with the unit patches.
We'll, I am a dad, so the point is moot (-:
Hey Foxy, do post some pics when you get your kit; curious to see how the TOJs turn out!
From what I understand, goatskin is also very durable, but HH is the toughest of the offerings.As I posted earlier, the mid to high-end Uk and Euro based brands tend to be slimmer than their American counterparts. Aero has a few sub-1K A2s, and the Kelso AC29971 repro is 435 pounds with shipping.Will do a comparison between the G&B and the Kelso when I receive both, and then post the results.Lastly, Between Horsehide and Goat, I much prefer the first. The more creased it...
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