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$750 from Double Monk. Not the cheapest, but not too expensive imo. Realised the only boots I have that can match up to sheer awesomeness of my dad-core jackets are my RMs and wanted to rectify that. Love boots; great for smurf-stomping and other fun stuff.
Oi Skeen, take a walk... dad-core grown ups talking here. In other news, pulled the trigger on the Islays through Double Monk. Should be here soon, and I'll post a review once they're in my hands.
Smurfs are like slinkies; not much good for anything, but it puts a smile on your face when you kick em down a flight of stairs.
Snacks on popcorn with GN and JP, and waits for the movie to start...
The Hannover is VERY nice! And about 2-300 less too...
Already have the RMs; had em for years, worn em for years... Still do.
And now, a short break from the Dad Wars... C&J Islay brogue boots. What do you guys think? Should be pretty versatile with casual or smart casual outfits.
Joking again; who needs a weapon when young uns simply collapse in abject horror when they behold my dad jacket and tucked in shirt?
Only joking; the blade on the TDI is too short for my liking. Much prefer my Fairbairn Sykes.
But... But if I don't tuck, it makes it harder to get the Kabar TDI folder on my dad belt into play Can't have that.
New Posts  All Forums: