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Kazuna MTM brogue in dark brown Kip leather
Ordered a pair of wingtip brogues in dark brown kip for $375. Topied. half rib. We'll see how it goes, but judging from the pair I saw in the store, I'd say the shoes are about Cheaney quality.Here's the sample jacket I bought off him. Because he made it with an Asian build in mind, the shoulders, sleeves and overall length are spot on. Fabric is Loro Piana. Jacket is half lined:
Saw those shoes, mate.They are very nice!I'm the crazy guy who bought the gray and brown plaid DB sport jacket that used to sit on the mannequin in the doorway.
Managed to get home without a boat or scuba gear tonight... Two thumbs up for Fox brollies. Mine took on the worst of the storm and held up without any damage whatsoever. Every time the winds bent it back, it sprang into shape again. Every single time. Definitely has my vote despite the hefty price tag. Also gave in to temptation and bought that amazing gray-plaid-with-brown-windowpane-check DB sport jacket on display at Kazuna. Fits like a charm, from the shoulders to...
So it was you who came in earlier (-:I popped in to look at suit fabrics again. Will probably order a dark navy windowpane check in one of his premium Japanese cloths.Did buy more ties again! What do you think of the ties and squares. Love how simple and elegant they are.
PSA: just checked out a shop called Kazuna on 90 Pitt St (Lvl 2, next to Swiss Concept) Owner is a young Japanese guy who used to work for BB in NY and Japan. He's now in the MTM business and doing suits, ties, shirts, shoes, sweaters and denim! Highlights: All made in Japan. Simple, clean classic and affordable is what comes to mind. Suits are more your trad British style with strong shoulders and a tapered waist. Nicely cut. Good range of Japanese and Italian fabrics....
Ayup, PoP.The A2 is not a long jacket at all, and this one ends exactly where it should: over the belt buckle.In other news, not cuffed is my preference, and that's all she wrote...
Looking good, Luke Jackson. Aero 38-1711-P repro in russet horse finally arrived. The slimmest of my A2s. Very happy with the results...
^ Like I said: make mine Aero!
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